The Beginning of Fluro!



Just to let you know, this is the first blog I have ever done. I am 10 years old and cant wait to begin! My blog will be about my life and how it has its different fluro colours, happy fluro and pain fluro. I have hurt my foot and now have a nervous system dysfunction. This is called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, or for short, CRPS. My life has got its ups and its downs. I have made this blog so that other kids, or parents of children with this condition can get recovery ideas from what helps me. What I have in my foot is very rare, and even more so for children. For adults it can stay with you for life, so that is why I am lucky I’m just a kid. All you need to keep telling yourself as a kid is how you are going to get through it and that once it is all over you will be so strong.

I will also be telling you other things that happen in my life and I promise to share all the best bits too. You may have a few meltdowns, but for me that’s all I need and then I am ready to push for whatever I need done. I’m just an ordinary girl that loves all the extraordinary things in life… that’s what makes living in fluro such a wonderful adventure.

Thank you for looking on my blog. I’d love you to visit me again soon!

I didn’t want to completely change my About Me page, but I’m a little bit older now. I started this blog when I was 10 years old, but now I am 12. I still suffer from CRPS, although I am on a much better road with more strategies and solutions to calming down my nervous system. I love posting about my life and giving advice to others, and I hope everyone will still follow me! My life could never be black and white and boring, there is always something special going on that I can learn about everyday, and that is the biggest thing that I have learnt. I just have a naturally colourful and fluro life I guess, which makes me very lucky!
Thank you very much everyone, FZ 🙂


5 thoughts on “The Beginning of Fluro!

  1. Jesse

    Good on you for making the best of a bad situation and helping others. Wishing you all the best in your road to recovery, will be reading to see how you are going! Good luck!

  2. Gabby

    I’m so excited for you!! WooHoo!! 💛💛 Poppy will be very lucky to join your family, I’m sure she will be showered with love & cuddles (maybe not by Dad though 😛). Am excited for you FZ (fluro zebra) xx

  3. Neak

    I think you must have some strong genes there my Fluro Friend! One tough little fluro indeed! Please keep the posts coming! ps got my fav fluro green icon!!

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