Hello world!
How are you today? I feel blingalicious!
Bling to me is special because it is sparkle, it is shine, and most importantly it makes a girl like me feel
Are you wearing a bit of bling today? Here are 10 reasons why a girl should wear bling…
1. It makes a girl feel pretty.
2. It reveals your inner shine.
3. It can capture the light from the sun, and who doesn’t want some sun in their day!?
4. It reminds me of the stars in the night sky.
5. Its beauty can bring you happiness at any time, day or night.
6. It goes with any of your clothes, and trust me, I’m a fashion expert!
7. It doesn’t matter  your age, bling can match anybody and never goes out of style.
8. A sparkly tiara isn’t over the top, it just shows how much fun bling is.
9. If you have ever watched the sun dance on water, you can see how good bling can be on nature. (See how bling looks good on everything!?)
10. Bling can show that you can be different to others without worrying about what they will think, because you feel gorgeous and that’s all that matters.
So they are my 10 reasons why a girl should wear a bit of bling. Now put down what you are doing and put on some bling!
FZ out!! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Sparkle-Shimmer-Shine!

  1. Hi Fluro Zebra, I love your blog! It’s great to see another 10 year old (like me) blogging. I am sorry about your foot. i hope it gets better one day soon. I love how you photo shopped your sparkle photo. Could you tell me how you did it as I would love to do it too. Thanks, Millie xo

    • Hello Millie! Thank you for leaving me a message. I like your blog too! I created the photo on my mum’s iphone. The app I used was called Princess Camera, it is fun and easy. I hope that answers your question Millie! Again thank you, FZ 🙂

  2. swirlsgirl

    i like your blog theflurozebra! I LOVE JEWELREY. My mom shares her vintage rhinestones with me! do you like my blog? I like adailydoseofmillie to! I hope your foot gets better soon.

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