A Pot of Hope at the end of the Painbow!!





Hey, hey!
Today I will be talking more about pain and how I reduce it.
After I went to hospital in Adelaide for the second time of intensive therapy, I did lots of physio and my foot got that little bit better each day. Unfortunately, now I have got pain in other parts of my body too. 😦 The pain not only lives in my foot now, it has spread to my hips, back, neck and I get lots of headaches and earaches. I have also been getting pain that feels like electric shocks down my whole body. So, we will be traveling in a plane to Melbourne to see a new doctor. Apparently, he is really good and we will only be there for a day. I will be traveling with my mum.
Anyway, back to pain and helping it, when I get extra pain in my back, arm or even my other foot, I like to use heat packs or a warm bath. The warmth helps my body relax, so hopefully it will do the same for you! Sometimes if I distract my brain, it helps too. Watching TV, or playing a game, or talking about something really important, are ways I distract myself. I find that music is also great for making me feel stronger. Sometimes just asking someone for a nice warm cuddle can bring comfort and happiness to me.
Like I said a few posts ago, using your imagination is very important, and it can get your mind off all the pain you can think of. Whenever I am in extra high pain, I say to myself all of this pain makes me stronger, and I will be unstoppable when I recover.

Remember when you are at the top of your own painbow, slide down and let a pot of hope and happiness catch you at the bottom!
So maybe you should think about taking my advice, because I know it works for me…well, sometimes!
FZ out!! πŸ™‚

PS. If you have got other ways to reduce pain that have helped you, please let me know how.
PPs. Have a beautiful day everyone!


18 thoughts on “A Pot of Hope at the end of the Painbow!!

  1. paddy123cookie

    My sister and I are sorry to hear the pain has spread, that sucks!! 😦
    Get well soon FZ!!
    P.s Great Play on words!

  2. Claire

    FZ I really hope the new Dr in Melbourne can help you. You are such a strong little chicky, I am amazed at your strength and courage! Good luck, will be thinking of you xxxx

  3. Sam

    FZ you are so strong. That pain bow is definitely going to end and lead to a pot full of happiness. Your words amaze and inspire me . Keep posting and fighting. πŸ˜ƒ

  4. KobeK

    Great blog! My daughter is fighting CRPS too and enjoyed reading your posts. We look forward to following your work. Good luck!

  5. Neak

    Hi FZ! I love how you are sharing your thoughts and practical suggestions about dealing with life when things aren’t going the way you would hope. You always have a fabulously positive look on things and I am always learning things from your posts. Thank you! πŸ™‚ When I am feeling pain in the body or mind or even in my heart, I find a warm bath with smelly salts helps me. My daughter has inherited my love of baths too! She tries to create a ‘day spa’ look in our little cluttered bathroom by lighting some candles, rolling up a towel for a head rest and putting ALL the junky bottles and toothbrushes in a cupboard for a minimalist look! Sometimes I will take in a tiny fancy bowl with something yummy to nibble on during the bath, or a good magazine. I agree, good music is also brilliant and can really take my mind off things that are stressing me out. I can’t decide which is more important great lyrics or a really cool rhythm….which do you prefer? Till your next post this is Neak out!

  6. Hi Neak! Thanks for your beautiful comment. I would say lyrics because you can express who you really are by writing them down, then singing them out.
    I have got something crafty coming up for my next post, so keep your eyes peeled…


  7. Neak

    HI FZ…. this is Lily. I am using Neak’s email address because I wanted to message you myself. I was really sorry to hear that your pain is spreading. I hope the new Doctor will be a good help. When will you be going to Melbourne? But on the bright side, I love your blog and posts. Especially the pictures. They are really creative! I can’t believe you made the blog all by yourself!! Can’t wait for your new post!

    • Hey Lily! I will be in the plane to Melbourne this Thursday. I am a little nervous, but mostly excited.
      I am glad to hear you are interested in my posts, and I’m sure you will love my next one!! πŸ˜„


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