The ‘Craft’ of Distraction for Pain Relief: Hair Pins


Hey hi!

Today’s post is very fun, because it is arts and craft! I have made little hair pins that are quick and easy.

Doing things you enjoy can distract your brain from pain. Arts and crafts are good ways to make you feel happy, even on a bad day. The bad days are the most important ones to feel happy, so that is why I recommend doing something you really enjoy, especially creative things. And the best part is, the achievements you make.

I have made this movie that gives you the instructions. If you need help Miss Z (my zebra), will be telling you what you need and what to do. You can do bling on the clips, or you can do plain. Whatever you do, just make it express who you are, because you are the one that will be wearing it. If you are not an adult, make sure there is one near by, because you will probably need one.

Please watch my movie, I really hope it inspires you to do something creative whether you are a girl or boy, adult or child!
If you enjoy the movie, please could you press the like button, then I will know to create more hair pin ideas, for you to come back again and check them out.

FZ out!! 🙂

PS- Another girl on here posts heaps of cool thoughts and ideas, her name is Millie , you should check out her page too.



One thought on “The ‘Craft’ of Distraction for Pain Relief: Hair Pins

  1. Neak

    Lily would love to try and make her own hair pin!!!!! 😉 I am really keen to hear some more art and craft DIY jobs! You are a very skilful Fluro Zebra!! xoxo

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