Cinquain to Distract the Brain from Pain :)



Hi-Hi People!

Today I will be showing you some poems that I have written myself. They will be about lots of different things that I have going on in my life. Poems are a great way to express how you feel and what is happening. I love poems, especially when they are about other people and describing what they mean to another person. You can write poems as an apology, a present, to express inner thoughts and feelings, or just because you love writing. There are lots of types of poems that you can create. They all look a little different to each other, but that’s the best bit! You can draw a picture to match your poem, or you can just leave it as it is.
Here is a cinquain poem about family, but without a drawing:


Fun, Funny
Loving, Caring, Supporting
Unforgettable, Joyful, Important, Unique

I will only be doing cinquain poems for today. Here is another one about life and how I am living it:


Difficult, Long
Amazing, Exciting, Challenging
Puzzling, Fluro, Colourful, Surprising

This next one will be about how fun loving pets are. They can end up being your BFFL (Best Friend For Life!)

Cuddly, Active
Loving, Watching, Caring
Crazy, Naughty, Precious, Adorable

This is the last poem for today so I hope you like it! It is about pain. I wanted to save the best for last!


Sore, Unfair
Tiring, Crying, Upsetting
Restless, Rough, Tough, Bravery

Although most of the words were sad in the last poem, I get a lot of good things out of it too. Like experience, muscles, bravery and it makes me more confident when I get hurt. When I do get hurt, like if I scrape my hand on something, all I say to myself is that I am going through much worse than that and that my hand hardly hurts in comparison. So that is the up side to my CRPS!

Maybe you would like to write a poem and express how YOU feel?!

FZ out!! 🙂