The Power of Shath!


I am so excited about today’s post, because it is something I like to call…shath! Shath  is a mix between shopping, and math. I am getting homeschooled this term while I try to beat this silly CRPS, and my mum is my teacher. I really wanted to go shopping because I had saved up my money since my last birthday.Mum said that once we were up to learning about money, we could go shopping and still be doing maths! So the day came and I learned about place value columns and the values of things. I learned about estimation, rounding up and rounding down and how my times tables make shopping easier. I counted up my money and had $96.20. I wanted to buy an outfit. So we walked into Witchery, and I found about 5 or 6 things I LOVED! So I tried them on, but there were only three that felt comfortable and looked good. So I had a big decision to make, because I didn’t want to use all my money. We walked into Best and Less so I could think of what to do, and then I found a white FLUFFY cardigan that I LOVED! So mum bought it for me, and it was on sale. I had thought everything through and my options were, a peach colored shirt, a black ponte skirt and a white top with a pretty cut out feature at the bottom. They were all $29.99. I decided to buy the skirt and the white top. It all went with my new cardigan too! Then I remembered that there was a pair of shoes at Pumpkin Patch that I loved too. So we drove there, but they didn’t have my size. The lady that worked there said that she could order them in my size, but I didn’t mind them a bit bigger. I decided to try on my correct size in a different style and it turned out that I actually  preferred those ones rather then the ones that I first loved. So I bought them (by the way, they were black and cost $25.00 on sale!) and I wore them for the rest of the day! (I have only just started to be able to bear closed in shoes, so this was a BIG deal!) Next, Mum wheeled my chair into Target to buy black stockings. We found them and zoomed to the cash register and I paid. Mum made my brain work extra hard that day, but I had lots of fun while doing it.
At home I worked out how much money I had left, which was $11 and a few cents. This meant that I spent $85.20. I then put on a mini fashion show for my family, and they all loved what I bought! There is nothing like a shot of shopping to distract the brain from pain and maybe even ease it a bit.:)

I say we should put `shath` in the Oxford Dictionary and in the school curriculum! Let’s start a petition TODAY, and let the shath lovers unite!

FZ out!! 🙂


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  1. Claire

    Hahaha great post FZ! Shopping is a great cure for lots of things! It must be the ‘power of shath!’ Sounds like you made some great purchases 🙂

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