Kindness is Contagious


G’day maties!
I have recently been working very hard on a special project that I would like to share with you. I decided that I wanted to make gifts of pet rocks for strangers and to give them to people in the mall. First off, I bought a packet of small rocks. Next, I painted little smiley faces on them. After that, I glued bobbly eyes on the rocks.They looked adorable! Then I found a quote I liked, it said “Kindness is Contagious”.  To add a little ‘Fluro Zebra’ to it, I hand wrote “Infect the World!” Next, I printed out 20 and laminated them to make it a bit more special. I bought little bags to package the rocks up pretty, and made tags (out of zebra print wrapping paper of course) for a background to the quote. I also made individual birth certificates and wrote a poem to go with the pet rocks.  I stuffed some green stuffing in the bottom of the bags to give soft padding to the pets. I named each of the rocks after some of you, my beautiful followers, because you all inspire me so much.  At the end of doing all the creative work, I packaged them up and made sure they were ready for when I delivered them. When the morning arrived, I was a bit nervous, but excited! My goal was to put smiles on faces. I went to the mall with my family, and approached two ladies shopping. When I talked to them, I said I had made a gift and asked them if they wanted one. It was quite funny, because they asked me how much for one! I told them they were free, and that I am just trying to bring smiles to the world. So they took one and replied “thank you”. I felt so happy that my first approach went well. The next person did the same, they thought it was for a donation. So I told them the same, how it is just to bring smiles. From then on, I asked “would you like a FREE gift?” instead of just “a gift”, it worked much better! I also scored a few hugs and happy tears from strangers, which was nice. 🙂 Once I had given out all the pet rocks to the teens and adults, I had little pom-pom critters to hand out to the younger kids. Everybody left with a big grin on their faces.
I am doing random acts of kindness because I would like to give people a big smile. I want the world to be a calm, peaceful and happy place. I believe that I can make a difference. I think everybody can make a difference. You don’t have to do a big thing like what I have done. Giving a smile to somebody you don’t know, using good manners or opening doors for strangers could make their day, and maybe even make yours too. Small things like that can make a big impact on someone’s life. At the end of the day, I was hoping to inspire people to do those simple things. Maybe you have inspired someone today; you never know. So please remember, you can do a really simple thing, and it can turn out to make a BIG difference. Every month I would like to do a random act of kindness, who would like to join me?!
FZ out!! 🙂

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A Little Ray of Sunshine



I am going through a flare-up with my foot right now. 😦 It has been really bad and it feels like the start of my CRPS all over again. All of a sudden I have to teach my body and brain to walk again.
I named my sore foot Lexie Leftie, and she just WON’T listen to me when I tell her to stop whining and start moving! I have broken down a few times now because it has all gotten so overwhelming. I have had my mum help me through it, and now Lexi is starting to improve a little bit. On the weekend, I was so sore I could hardly move. I didn’t want to go anywhere, do anything or talk to anyone. But my mum and dad got me out of the house and down to the river. I was so lucky that they did, because we fed the ducks and I really thought about the beauty of nature.
I closed my eyes and thought about the sounds I heard. There were birds tweeting energetically, and ducks quacking joyfully. I could hear the trees gently swaying side to side in the wind and the delicate ripples of the water. It reminded of thousands of leaping ballerinas! It was beautiful.
Next I thought about what I could see. There were pelicans and ducks swimming in the river blissfully, birds gliding across the crystal clear, blue sky, and people walking across bridges. As I looked around, I saw a very bizarre thing. It was a goat! That’s right, trotting out of the mystical trees, there was a random goat! I don’t know where it came from, and it should’t have been there but it sure did give us all a laugh!
I thought about descriptive words and what I saw and heard. It is so important to get out of your house and see nature, think about nature, enjoy nature. By getting out and reflecting on the true meaning of Mother Nature, it distracted my brain from the pain and made me go to a really happy place. You can do whatever you like outside, paint your nails (hehe), write a story, read a book, or even play an active game. The sun is very important too. The sunlight gives you vitamin D, colour in your face (remember to not get burnt) and gives you a bit of energy. You can also bond with people. I think that I bonded even more with my mum and dad at the river as we enjoyed each others sense of humor.
So, it is important to get out and take time to get some sun and do an activity. I hope that everybody has a great day and maybe go to the river or park. Tell the sun I say hi!

Thank you for reading,
FZ out!! 🙂

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The Power of Words




I would like for everyone that is reading this post to think about words, because that is what my post is about. Words can come from lots of things. Books, magazines, people, and especially yourself. Let me share 4 important things that I have learnt about words this week…

As most of you know, another blogger put one of my posts on her blog and Facebook page. Her name is Christine from Project Light to Life.  It meant a lot to me that she shared my words and projects with the world. All the comments, likes and follows that I get from different bloggers makes me feel so happy, strong, proud and inspired. Every time I read a new comment it brings a smile to my face! I see the world as an adventure waiting to be found and reading all your comments connects me, in a small way, to all your countries.  Your words make me even more interested in exploring the world. I just want to add in that I am very proud to be part of the WordPress community. 🙂

I think a big thing that everybody should do is speak nicely to yourself. If you say mean things to yourself you will not have a positive mind and attitude. Also what I like to say is, you can choose to be your own best friend, or be your own worst enemy. I speak lots about quotes in my blog, so if you can’t think of anything positive, it can’t hurt to borrow from someone else. 🙂 Saying kind things to yourself can make you feel stronger, braver and a whole lot more confident.

Books have HEAPS of words! I am reading one with my mum, and once we finish it I have a brand new book that I would like to read too. For me, reading something interesting takes me to another world, on another adventure, where I can escape the pain. Now, please take MY words and repeat them in your head…
You can never have too many books!

A few days ago I heard some sad news about Robin Williams who was a comedian\actor that I enjoyed watching.  He was a big hit all around the world. He starred in lots of movies, and he would always bring a great big smile to my face! Sadly, he was facing depression, and passed away. He is going to a calm and peaceful place now. We can learn from what happened to him. When you are feeling a bit sad or overwhelmed by life, you should think about talking it out with family, friends, or even a therapist. I want everybody to know that it is ok to ask for time to talk and ask for help. It is also fine to be less strong and a bit more weak at points. You actually feel a whole lot better the next day because you clear out your mind of upsetting thoughts. Trust me, I know,  as recently I had a big cry out because I have had a bad, painful CRPS flare up. So it is ok to ask people for help, and using your words makes it much easier. Remember, when you speak nicely to a stranger or a friend, you never know, but you could be making a big difference to a sad day. Also, I believe that bad times always pass to make space for good ones

So that is everything I have learnt this week. Think about this… What are the three most important words you have heard or read this week?
In everything I listed off today, there was something to do with words. What would we do without words in life?!
Thank you for reading MY words,
FZ out!! 🙂



Sending Strangers Sprinkles of Hope




I have followed an amazing blogger, Christine Barba- Project Light to Life, that always does nice things for people and the world. I wanted to do one of those good deeds by sending a nice quote and letter to random people all over Australia. Christine Barba is such a good person and has inspired me to do the same good deeds. I loaded up White Pages Residential (but you can use the phone book if you want) and typed in random surnames and a State or Territory. It comes up with lots of names of people in that State or Territory. I scrolled down while having my eyes closed and stopped it with my finger. I sent a quote and letter to the person my finger landed on. With the quotes, I found them on the internet, pasted them on a word document, printed them out, laminated each page, cut them out and stuck magnets on the back. I attached magnets on so that people could stick their quotes wherever they wanted and see it everyday. I am hoping that the quotes will make everybody feel really happy inside! It is so easy and fun, and makes you think of all the people’s lives you could be touching. You could even change the way they think, you never know. But I am sure that people will appreciate the effort that I have put into these. You can make as many as you like, and just remember the whole way through you’re making them that everybody you are sending them to will be so excited to find them in their mailboxes!
I have made 14 notes and quotes and drew a special picture for each one. (Each picture was different to another.)
“Making one person smile can change the world- maybe not the whole world, but their world.” ~ Unknown ~

FZ Out!! 🙂

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