Doubting being Different


The past couple of weeks have been very rough for me. I have had big episodes of migraines and my foot has been playing up again. Since it was so hard for me to walk with crutches, I was using the wheelchair instead. We had to go out lots and when we did people would stare at me, kids would ask what’s wrong with me, and it all would make me feel a bit sad that they were treating me differently. This went on for a long time and I would try to act normal, but everyone was focused on the wheelchair. But now I have really had a think about it all. I already know that everyone’s different and unique. Who cares if people treat you differently. If I’m being honest, I get a bit more respect being in a wheelchair than walking with my own two legs! Strangers were more kind and considerate to me. I have no idea why I was so sad about the situation. I know that I am unique in lots of ways, and I want to show it! From now on I am going to wear funky, fluro ears when I want to, do a bit of dancing without being embarrassed, and just be myself! Being myself is how people like me, and want to be friends with me. Now I honestly don’t care if people stare at me or talk about me, because I will take the positives out of it. All this time people have been very kind. If you are on crutches, in a wheelchair, or have some sort of a disability, I don’t think you should be ashamed of it, be proud of it! Now you can relate to even more people and you will be able to share your experiences. I know I have already done that. When people ask, I explain what CRPS is, which means that I am raising awareness of my condition as not many people have heard of it…knowledge is power! Lots of other people have shared their conditions with me too.
If I were you, I would never look at the negatives of the situation, I would keep a really positive mind! Sometimes if you talk about the issue out aloud, it can clear your mind and you can have a fresh brain.
In my last post, I was doing a random act of kindness. If you think about it, you don’t really know the story behind people. Whether have nothing going on or everything going on, it is really nice to receive a little present, kind words or letter. For example: I have a friend that has something called Aspergers Syndrome. She has trouble understanding things and reading people. Nobody knows she has Aspergers, and so people would say jokes but she would take them seriously. It really hurt her most of the time. I think that if she received a little kindness from anyone she would feel much happier.
You don’t know what is going on in people’s lives if they don’t want to show it. This is how everybody is different. You never know who needs it more, so that is why you should be joyous to everyone. I am trying to make the world a happier place, and there is always room for help…

FZ out!! 🙂



10 thoughts on “Doubting being Different

  1. Claire

    Great post as usual FZ! You are wise beyond your years! Tell that Lexi Leftie to behave and keep a lookout in your letterbox 😉 xx

  2. I am sorry that you have not been feeling 100% FZ.. Migraines are awful, so I so so sympathise with you.. Your post is as usual a most wise post as you ‘See’ much beyond your years.. As Claire pointed out..
    Using your talent to write out your thoughts and clarify your feelings is a great tool in helping you cope..

    I know from suffering from a chronic illness as FMS.. I went along to a group therapy session in the very beginning of my illness in 2002 when I was diagnosed, And talking to others and listening to how they coped with far worse than what I was going through showed me that I was the only one who could control my illness.. So I set about learning how to cope..
    I would not allow myself to get frustrated at not being able to do things because of pain levels.. But would learn to pace myself, and set myself small targets and goals.. So that if I couldnt do it I would not get disappointed with myself .. Because being stressed and tense would also affect the muscles and cause more pain..

    It was in that year of 2002 I changed my Career path once I got myself fit enough.. I became a support worker looking after adults with learning difficulties. Among them was a young girl of 18 who had Aspergers Syndrome, So I fully understand how difficult at times it can be for your friend.. As people do not always understand..

    You are a great friend to your friend and you see how a little thoughtlessness and kindness goes a long way in making someone feel better about themselves and Happier in their day..

    It can all be just as simple as a smile sent their way..

    Keep Smiling FZ… and being the inspiration for all who meet you..

    Love and Blessings
    Sue ❤

  3. Wow, Fluro, you are a giant in a small body. You’ve learned secrets of wisdom that most people never learn!

    I appreciate this inspiration to just be who I am in all my unique, individual glory. 🙂 I wish the same for you!

    And I hope your pain eases soon!

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