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Hi Guys!
I have been lucky enough that the pain clinic in my hometown have paid for me to have one-on-one yoga sessions. The yoga teacher is so amazing and she has traveled all around the world learning and teaching! She knows lots of different techniques from lots of different countries. One of them was an Indian breathing technique that she showed me, it was calledΒ Anulom Vilom PranayamaDeep Breath Advantages of Deep Breathing Exercises and I find that it does a great job. Whenever I am stressed or I bump my CRPS foot I do it, and it helps calm me down.It slows down my breathing because when I am in a lot of pain I find it hard to control. The pain doesn’t go away when I do it, it just relaxes my muscles and my mind. I think it could really help anyone when they are stressed or hurt.
I found a really interesting website that explains this technique well called The Power of Kundalini. I took the information and image below from there. This is how you do it:

  • Sit in a comfortable sitting position. Make sure spine is erect and body is relaxed. Make the body completely still. Relax the body and close your eyes.
  • After some minutes, begin to develop the awareness of breath in the nostrils. With inhalation you whole awareness should move from tip of nose to eyebrow center and with exhalation, move your awareness from eyebrow center to tip of nose.
  • Become aware of the triangular form of the breath. The base of the triangle is the upper lip, its sidea are the left and the right nasal passages and the tip is the eyebrow centre.
  • Firstly, feel the breath moving in and out of the left nostril, then the right nostril. Then be aware of the flow thorugh both nostrils simultaneously.
  • Try to feel that you are breathing in and out through left nostril only. Some imagination may be neccesary for this condition. Your imagination will help to bring about this state in reality. Continue this practice for a minute or two. Then repeat the same thing for the right nostril. Continue this also for few minutes.
  • Now, try to control the breath flow mentally by moving the breath alternately through each nostril. Imagine breath going in with the left nostril and then coming out through right nostril. Then feel the breath inhaled via right nostril and exhaled by left nostril. This completes one round of anulom vilom pranayama. Do 4 rounds.
  • After this, you have to do one round of prana shuddhi. Imagine breath going in via both nostrils and meeting at the eyebrow center, and then starting from center it comes out through both the nostrils. This completes one round of Prana Shuddhi. Both imagination and awareness are required.
  • After this you do 4 more rounds of anulom vilom pranayama followed by one round of prana shuddhi. Continue practising in this manner.

anulom vilom pranayama

I have had great results from this and I think you should give it a go too!

Happy breathing!

FZ out!! πŸ™‚


24 thoughts on “Breathing Through the Pain

  1. You are learning something with the breathing out instead of in- technique that I learned about 9 years ago with Biofeedback and I really believe when practiced over time it is so much better for the body!
    So wonderful you are sharing these tools.
    Hand and foot warming is another technique that I know people always think I’m speaking crazy, but you really can learn to call more blood and oxygen to your extremities. It has helped my burning/freezing pain a great deal.
    Keep sharing, keep working at it! Awesome post.

      • Maybe. I did learn it from a “Tune.” But she wasn’t doing her reiki with me, she was a normal doctor’s offic pscychologist who happenned to also practice Reiki (I know, I hit the mother load lol)
        If you get little thermometers from the drug store and tape one to your finger, one to a toe/foot, that’s how you practice. Meditate/ do relaxation exercises by visualizing warmth to your hands. Then do it for your feet.
        Cool, huh? Really helps the burning!

      • Awesome!
        It took me some time…
        I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it much quicker.
        My trick, put on hand under me where it’s warm to give me a temp point in my mind to heat the others. It may be cheating, but if 3 out of 4 extremities get warmed by my brain, im ok with cheating, lol

        Let me know how it goes πŸ™‚

  2. What’s really amazing is that we’re using our minds to help regulate the body, whether it’s bone, muscle or skin. The mind is a powerful tool when used correctly and with skillful intent. And by learning different techniques that are out there, it is possible to overcome some of our physical issues.

    I think it’s great that you have learned this at your age, FZ. I meditate, but I’ve only picked this up in the last few years. I just wished I had learned these things at a much earlier age.

    So, kudos to you for practicing this. And for sharing it with others. πŸ™‚

  3. Reblogged this on aBodyofHope and commented:
    This is a coping mechanism I have myself been using daily for almost 9 of my 10 years with chronic pain and CRPS/RSD. Me and so many other pain warriors use relaxation tools to help live with ongoing pain. Please read below how this woman with CRPS is learning breathing and relaxation techniques:

  4. Thanks for the great post. I have gained much from studying this subject, and I like the way you set it out. Using similar breathing combined with a bit of Tai Chi (moving meditation) I was able to overcome serious leg injuries and walk 900km! The breath, or Prana or Chi just dissolves the blockage and the pain. Its encouraging to find people having success in the modern science obsessed world with these ancient techniques.

  5. Lovely to see you embracing these techniques FZ I know I find deep breathing exercises really help and I think I told you before of the Qi Gong exercises I do..
    Wishing you well in following through πŸ™‚ And great advice from ‘abodyofhope’

    • Thank you for this comment Sue!
      I am extremely lucky to have so many beautiful people helping me get through the pain, and I am very grateful. Have a wonderful week!
      FZ πŸ™‚

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