Random Act of Kindness: November


As you know I am due to do another random act of kindness for November. Each month I come up with a new big random act of kindness and then blog about it. My last one got people hunting for me on the local radio station and on Facebook, but I like to stay anonymous because I don’t want anything in return, I just like to think of people having big smiles on their faces when they receive my handmade gifts and letters. The most awesome part was that the whole community started talking about what random act of kindness they would do! It was really crazy being an unknown celebrity for a while!

This month I chose to sprinkle some kind energy towards 3 of the emergency services: Police, Ambulance and the CFA (Fire Fighters). I am focusing on the emergency services because I believe that people don’t always appreciate how lucky we are to have these incredible people looking out for us everyday. They are working dangerous jobs and without them we wouldn’t be as safe as we are today.
This time I made 31 pencil toppers! It took me 1 month to sew, decorate, glue, and name each of the them.IMG_9315

I sewed 1 unique wish into each topper by hoping with all my heart and using heartfelt words, so that whoever holds one will have a special feeling or experience happen to them (e.g: optimism/courage/persistence/love/feeling determined/attracting genuine compliments/receive a free coffee etc).IMG_9319[1]IMG_9316

I also included 1 scratchie per package. I wrote in each letter that if they win the $10,000 that they have to throw a massive party to celebrate how awesome they are (You can read my letter at the end of this post). I have my fingers crossed that all of them win!

The gifts were lots of fun to make and the great part was that I could be as creative as I wanted! I made bunnies, circles, squares and hearts in lots of different colours.IMG_9317


I got to select which group each pencil topper went into too. It was like creating families out of pencils! IMG_9318[1]

At the end I wrapped them up and decorated the packages with stickers.


Then we posted them and in a couple of days the emergency services will receive this random act of kindnesses. It is very exciting! This is always my favourite part…when the gifts get sent off to those that need or deserve them.IMG_9322

It makes my heart feel really full when I think about how much happiness is getting spread around the world.
I hope that people will be inspired to do a small random act of kindness today and make someone feel really happy!

Have a happy day!
FZ out!! 🙂





12 thoughts on “Random Act of Kindness: November

  1. Wow !! These pencils look soo cute and lovely with your handiwork !! 🙂
    Its very thoughtful of you to choose the emergency services for this gift. True, they often do not receive the kind of treatment and applaud they actually deserve from us…

  2. FZ.. so love your chosen ‘Hits’ of your Kindness, And your art work and gifts are FANTASTIC!.. I reckon the Emergency Services will be Buzzing with delight to receive such recognition.. Wonderful 🙂 xx Love and Hugs Sue

    • I really hope so Sue! Thank you for this lovely comment. I enjoy making acts of kindness a lot and December is coming up quickly, so I might have to start on my next one soon. Have a happy day!
      FZ 🙂

  3. You are truly a miracle worker, spreading kindness and goodwill, expecting nothing for yourself. You can teach us adults how to live from the heart center just be being you.

    PS I dig your creativity 😉

    hugs, Linda

    • Thanks so much Linda! The way I see it is the act of giving is also the act of receiving because when I think about all the smiles I am hopefully giving, it gives me a huge smile! I love spreading happiness in any way I can! Have a happy week,
      FZ 🙂

  4. Claire

    I love this one FZ! Your kindness and gorgeous spirit come shining through each post. I wish I could see the reactions of the people who receive your presents. I bet you make every one of them smile (and maybe even a couple tear up!) Will have to show Belle this one, she loves your random acts xx

  5. It’s always such a joy to see in my inbox that FZ has made a new post. Then it’s like Christmas morning when I visit your blog to see what special creation you’ve made and for whom it’s going to.

    You are awesome, FZ. Truly.

    Don’t be surprised if someone “blows your cover,” though. That status of an anonymous celebrity may turn into a full-blown one and you’ll be appearing on all the television and radio shows throughout the country. And overseas as well.

    Next thing we will all know is that this young lady named FZ has started a foundation, with loads of money pouring in from all over the world, helping her spread happiness all around the world. 🙂

    As always, keep doing what you’re doing. It’s wonderful.

    MG out! 🙂

    • Hi Michael! Your message was so thoughtful and I have been smiling ever since I read it. If I do start a foundation one day, I will always remember the support you have given me. There is nothing better than thinking about lots of people smiling everyday!
      Smiling makes my heart feel much fuller, my mind much wiser, and my foot feel much
      healthier! 🙂

      Have a fantastic day,


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