FZ’s Power Flower



I hope you all had a joyful Christmas just like I had with my friends and family! But today instead of talking about how nice Christmas was, I am going to talk about something I like to call my ‘Power Flower’.

A Power Flower is what I use to make me feel more determined when my optimistic energy is running on empty. To me, determination is when a switch is flicked on in your brain and your heart feels full because you know you are ready and prepared to achieve any goals you have set. Everybody needs a little extra determination sometimes no matter whether they are having a tricky challenge or something more positive happening in their life. What I do is I draw on a piece of paper a big flower. Next I think about what I really love doing that ‘powers me up’. I normally write down five different things in five different petals. You have to think really hard about it though. Then what I do is I complete one of those things everyday until I have achieved them all. Once I have finished doing all of the activities on the flower, I draw another power flower. For me, usually after I do one thing on my power flower I already will feel a bit more determined. It really helps me get back to where I was when I have a little bump in the road. For example, I will write down have a friend over, or go out for special lunch with my Mum or Dad. These things make me feel like I can do anything! I find it really helps me and soon I am back walking around the house after a hard night. I would recommend you doing something like it if you are going through a tough time. Sometimes doing something for somebody else can make you feel determined. It helps me when I do random acts of kindness. I say give it a go!

Have a fun and wonderful holiday and a magical New Year everybody!

FZ out!! 🙂

FZ's Power Flower


Random Act of Kindness December



Hey Hey!
I had been thinking about what my next random act of kindness should be, so because it has been getting closer to Christmas I wanted to go with that theme. I researched Oxfam, a charity website that helps the poor in different countries. I ordered a pack of Christmas cards and two boxes of little Worry Dolls from Oxfam. I also purchased a pack of pens. I handmade pink envelopes to keep the Worry Dolls safe. There was a description that came with the Worry Dolls that I slipped into each package. I wrote a big letter to the recipient, explaining the gift. I have typed it up for you to read below. I wrapped everything up in pretty Christmas paper and ribbon. I delivered them by driving all around my hometown and picking out streets in the car drive down. We rolled around the streets and with my heart I chose houses that I thought would appreciate the gifts I created. I love the feeling after delivering my random acts of kindnesses because my heart feels so full! Please keep spreading happiness and joy around the world!!
Have a fantastic day everybody,
FZ out!! 🙂



Hello random stranger!
I am a 10 year old girl who loves spreading kindness around my hometown and the world. Every month I plan a big random act of kindness and try to do plenty of smaller ones everyday. I love to live by this quote: “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”

I have randomly picked you by selecting a mailbox with my heart. I chose your house because I felt a very strong vibe that you may appreciate a good smile today. I do these acts of kindnesses for everyday people hoping that they will pay the happiness forward.

As you can see I have wrapped up a small gift for you. I have purchased most of these items from Oxfam. I have chosen to support this organization as they fight against poverty worldwide. Oxfam gives people the tools they need to build better lives for themselves.

I have packaged up a special little Worry Doll for you to send everything you are stressing about away. Whisper all your troubles to the Worry Doll then dream beautiful dreams. They may be small, but they can hold many, many worries… and they never complain! I handmade the pink envelopes to keep them safe for you. I have also included a card and pen for you to write to someone you care about. May kindness flow through your heart and out your pen. Together we will have spread happiness all around. I have donated to Oxfam; Oxfam has provided the gift for me to give to you; you now have a gift to pass on. The only thing better than an act of kindness… is three! (I am delivering ten packages… that is an incredible amount of kindness when you times it by three!)

Your unknown 10 year old friend out 🙂




If I was a Millionaire


Hello Guys!
My Mum asked me a very interesting question the other day and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. The question was ‘if I were to do a random act of kindness without needing to think about money, what would I do?’ Because I love to help people in need out, I would most like to help people facing homelessness. I would run fun days every second day! I would have The Salvation Army send homeless people over and I would have lots and lots of tents set up. Inside each tent would have a different thing going on. In one tent there would be a pharmacy with lots of doctors to help keep the people healthy, in another there would be a little cafe set up with food and drinks, in another there would be a hair salon, because homeless people may not usually be able to get their hair even trimmed without enough money. I would set up a tent full of beautiful clothes to make them feel all dressed up, a make-up salon to make the ladies feel pretty, a tent full of technology, a games center for the kids, a big greenhouse for people to garden, a mini farmhouse, a ballroom for everyone to dance in and lots, lots more! It would all be on a massive oval and there would still be space to play around in. There would be everything that we can afford that they can’t. It would be so much fun and they wouldn’t have to pay a cent! It would only be for the homeless people and volunteers though. I would do all this for them because I want our world to be a very happy and peaceful place to live in for every single person no matter how much money they own. There would be music playing and a yoga tent too. A cinema and a photography room. And best of all they would be enjoying it together! There would be no limit of how many people were allowed in. I would make sure that absolutely no one had a frown on their face. It would be like a massive party and they would all be looked after. I would run it from 10:00 in the morning til 8:30 at night. They would each get a watch that suited them best so that they could come in not too early and not too late. It would include everything! So that is what I would do if I were a millionaire. And it would make me the happiest 10 year old girl ever because I would know that I was making hundreds and hundreds of faces smile! Then hopefully other people may be inspired to start a cause that means a lot to them in their own hometown.
What would you do if you won a million dollars?
FZ out!! 🙂