If I was a Millionaire


Hello Guys!
My Mum asked me a very interesting question the other day and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. The question was ‘if I were to do a random act of kindness without needing to think about money, what would I do?’ Because I love to help people in need out, I would most like to help people facing homelessness. I would run fun days every second day! I would have The Salvation Army send homeless people over and I would have lots and lots of tents set up. Inside each tent would have a different thing going on. In one tent there would be a pharmacy with lots of doctors to help keep the people healthy, in another there would be a little cafe set up with food and drinks, in another there would be a hair salon, because homeless people may not usually be able to get their hair even trimmed without enough money. I would set up a tent full of beautiful clothes to make them feel all dressed up, a make-up salon to make the ladies feel pretty, a tent full of technology, a games center for the kids, a big greenhouse for people to garden, a mini farmhouse, a ballroom for everyone to dance in and lots, lots more! It would all be on a massive oval and there would still be space to play around in. There would be everything that we can afford that they can’t. It would be so much fun and they wouldn’t have to pay a cent! It would only be for the homeless people and volunteers though. I would do all this for them because I want our world to be a very happy and peaceful place to live in for every single person no matter how much money they own. There would be music playing and a yoga tent too. A cinema and a photography room. And best of all they would be enjoying it together! There would be no limit of how many people were allowed in. I would make sure that absolutely no one had a frown on their face. It would be like a massive party and they would all be looked after. I would run it from 10:00 in the morning til 8:30 at night. They would each get a watch that suited them best so that they could come in not too early and not too late. It would include everything! So that is what I would do if I were a millionaire. And it would make me the happiest 10 year old girl ever because I would know that I was making hundreds and hundreds of faces smile! Then hopefully other people may be inspired to start a cause that means a lot to them in their own hometown.
What would you do if you won a million dollars?
FZ out!! 🙂


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  1. Đại Việt Nguyễn

    FZ how have you been? A very thoughtful writing… I would donate at least $100,000.00 to Melbourne Royal Children Hospital. I keep the rest for myself. Forgive me, I am greedy.

    Please send my regards to mummy and daddy.

  2. Those are wonderful ideas, FZ.

    Check out these people. Maggie Doyne started her BlinkNow foundation with less than $5,000.

    Check out her channel and website:


    And Scott Neeson gave up the glitz life of Hollywood to help children and families in Cambodia.

    The above video is heartbreaking, but with a lovely message. You should watch it with your parents (or have them prescreen it).

    His channel and website:


    These are just two cases of thousands that are out there. What you’d like to do is not impossible, FZ.

    Everything all starts with an idea, a dream.


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