Presenting Valentino!


Halo everyone! Does anyone remember when I made a presentation about Coco Chanel? It was a little while ago now, but I had the idea of making another one on a very famous fashion designer from Italy, Valentino Garavani. I love the work that Valentino has done and I thought that some people would like to know a little bit more about him. This short movie talks about him growing up, his career and retirement, some of his collections he has designed, his business that he created with another Italian fashion designer and more details about his life. I have done plenty of research in over a month perfecting it to its best. I have enjoyed finding out more information on Valentino and I hope you do too. His life is very interesting with the ups and downs but now he is a big success. When I am in excruciating pain or just sad, sitting down and looking at all his unique designs always seems to cheer me up. So for all those fashionistas checking out this post, sit back, relax and enjoy watching my presentation on the brilliant Valentino Garavani!!

FZ out!! 🙂

PS. I only just realised that in my video the link to the fashion parade doesn’t work, so if you would still like to watch it, here is the link: