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I am super sorry that it has been such a long time since my last post, but I have been going through some very hard, very sad times. I will blog more about this another day. Today I want to write about something very special that happened to me. 

For weeks and weeks I have been working on my silly, annoying, painful foot (Lexi Lefty) to get her back wearing runners to school. I have been trying to work out a motivating reward for achieving my goals, and then it hit me; where is the number one place I have been dying to visit? Tiffany and Co. of course! My mum brought up that at Chadstone shopping centre in Melbourne there is Tiffany’s, plus all the high fashion stores like Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, Ralph Lauren, Chanel (ahhhhhhh!), and heaps more. I couldn’t believe my ears! One shopping centre had every shop I had ever dreamed of going into! So I obviously said YES and that was how I made Chadstone my reward for achievement, but there were a couple of tricky goals I had to meet too. They were definitely worth it! In my goal diary we set a date to travel over to Chadstone. It was last Tuesday. My whole family came along too (not the best idea to have five people squashed into a little car though!). When we arrived, well … we sort of got lost…but then we found it and we walked in with massive smiles on our faces, especially mine! My mum and I got all dressed up fancy in our very best clothes and then all of a sudden I saw these shops, one after another that I had read about everywhere! I was speechless!! Not surprisingly,  the very first shop I went into was Tiffany’s. I had already gone onto their website and worked out what I could afford, because I wanted a souvenir to keep forever. I saw this breathtakingly glamorous pendent that I absolutely LOVED!!! It said Tiffany and Co. on the front and it was shaped as a love heart. It was perfect!! 

I had been saving up all my  Christmas and birthday money to buy something special, and as soon as I saw it I knew that was what I wanted! I also bought a chain (not from Tiffany’s), and went to another store. I worked my way around and then became the happiest 11 year old girl on earth! 

Guess what else?  At Prada, Gucci and Tiffany’s (of coarse!) the lovely shop assistants prepared for me, bags with glossy catalogues in them…but nobody else knew that, so I was walking around looking like I was rich buying all these things that were really only pieces of paper! Even my brother and sister fell for it! I got lots of pictures of us outside and inside of the stores too. 

I was very grateful, and as soon as we got home I unwrapped my bag, box and other mini bag and tried on my necklace straight away. But this necklace is a symbol of something extremely important. It represents strength and classiness to me- I can feel brave and determined at the same time as feeling gorgeous. It was beautiful! My expensive dream actually came true! And I enjoyed every minute of it. I am such a lucky girl! 😀

Even now after having a nasty fall on my foot and being stuck in bed in agony, just looking at my necklace sends positive vibes throughout my body that makes me want to power along my pain just like I imagine Audrey would do. 

I hope everyone’s holidays have been really special. Also, I hope your Easters have been just as great. 🙂 Everybody have an epic day relaxing before everything goes a bit crazy again! Haha!

“For beautiful eyes,

Look for the good in others;

For beautiful lips,

Speak only words of kindness;

And for poise

Walk with knowledge that you are never alone.”

~Audrey Hepburn

FZ out!! 🙂


15 thoughts on “Living the Audrey Life

  1. Good to see that your sad times have given way to happier ones .. And treating one’s self is always the best way of cheering yourself up.. You looked a Million Dollars with all your packages..
    And so sorry that your foot has been troubling you.. Pretty nail polish by the way!..
    Its amazing how often those small things in life give us the best boosts..
    Love Audrey Hepburn’s Quote you chose too ..

    Easter was a quiet one but we had warm weather here in England for a change.. so that made it all the better..

    You take care and look after yourself FZ… So good to see you lovely smile in tact.. Hugs Sue x

    • Hello Sue! I love your comment it was so thoughtful. I am glad you had a nice Easter and I hope it was fun! I like to be creative with nail polish…hehe! Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to read and comment on this blog post. 🙂 I loved that quote too, and I thought it was perfect for this post. Audrey Hepburn is such an inspiration to me. Shopping was so much fun! It was a dream come true!! Thanks again for the time you put into the comment Sue, have a spectacular day! 😀

      FZ 😊

  2. So sorry to hear about your rough times. What a great idea to motivate and reward yourself and boost your spirits with something you really enjoy! That all does sound like fun. I’m rooting for you, FZ!

  3. Claire

    Hello FZ! I’m sorry I haven’t had the chance to comment on your blog for awhile – I’ve missed it! It always brings a smile to my face to read your posts, and I always leave thinking how amazing, strong and inspirational you are. I know things have been VERY tough for you lately, but you always manage to hold your head up high, with a smile on your face – I know many adults that could not persevere like you do. You should be very proud of yourself. Lots of love xx

    • Hi Claire! Thank you so so much for that message, I really needed it! It was so sweet and kind and it means a lot to me that you took the time to write such a beautiful message. I am trying to power along – and I think it’s working! I can do much more now which is soo much better! How are you? I will be doing another post very soon, so I hope you’ll like it! 😀
      FZ 🙂

  4. Okay FZ…starting with the oldest first. 🙂

    It sounds like it was a wonderful time, FZ, and I’m sure you and your mother were two gorgeous ladies at your finest.

    I’m glad you created a happy memory from that day. And I’m sure you’ll remember it for ages to come. What a wonderful treat for yourself. 🙂

    • Hello Michael!! Thank you so so so much for commenting on this post! I had the most fun time and I will remember it as one of the best days of my life! Thanks again for writing such a nice comment!
      FZ 😀

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