Poetry: Words of the Soul




I recently entered a poetry competition at my school and I wanted to share my entries with you! Those people with chronic pain will understand exactly what I have written about, I am sure.

I am Kind and Unique
An ‘I am Poem’

I am kind and unique
I wonder what my future will be like
I hear a beautiful angel humming sweetly
I see the Eiffel Tower glowing in the night
I want to live an exciting life
I am kind and unique

I pretend I feel no pain
I feel sprinkles of hope in the air
I touch the stars in the night sky
I worry about my Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
I cry about the death of my very close bunny
I am kind and unique

I understand sympathy
I say be kind to one another
I dream about reaching out to people
I try to stand out
I hope I can have my normal life back
I am kind and unique

My Pain
A ‘Ballad Poem’

The nights are so cold,
My body feeling old,
I need to be safe,
So I go to my room,
As I assume,
That I am doomed.

People ask questions,
And give me suggestions,
But will never know what to do,
When I bite my lip,
And tighten my grip,
People wonder why.

I miss running around,
And jumping on the ground,
With nothing left to do but wait,
I have to work hard no matter the pain,
But there are always things I get to gain,
So my life is okay.

With things to do,
While I am one of the few,
Nothing can stop me now,
My mind is kept busy,
Which sometimes makes me dizzy,
But I just need to make things happen.breathe-in-experience-breathe-out-poetry-quote-1


10 thoughts on “Poetry: Words of the Soul

    • Thank you very much! I tried to be as honest as I could. Poetry really does help the soul release, and I love using different words that can express what I am going through. Thank you so much for checking out my post and commenting, have an awesome day!!
      FZ 🙂

    • Thank you very much! I tried to just say what was in my heart, and it makes me happy you like them. I appreciate you commenting on each of my posts, I hope you had an awesome holidays, and enjoy this weekend too!! 🙂
      FZ out!! 😀

    • Hello Barbara! It makes me so happy that my words are comforting you and hopefully many others too! Thank you for taking the time to comment and like my post and also thank you very much for following me. Have a super weekend!!
      FZ 🙂

  1. Your words in both poems reminded me of how some people like yourself have a huge heart which manages to turn frowns and pain upside down. I send you hugs and if I could I would send you Bob (of decidinglybob.WordPress.com) who delights in giving soft gentle licks and hugshugs.
    Oh almost forgot loved both but no. 2 wins.

    • Thank you massively mudpilewood! I am so so happy you like the poems. Lots of people like the second poem a bit more which is the same for me too, I am really glad you let me know what you thought about them. I am also really glad that I can turn some frowns and pain upside down, so hopefully everyone can feel a smidge bit better! Thanks again, have a fabulous day!
      FZ 😀

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