Dream it-Believe it-Achieve it!


Something that I think is really important for everyone is dreams. Not only the magical ones at nighttime that can make you wake up with a sleepy grin, but the dreams you think about daily that you hope to one day achieve. All dreams come from the heart, and I like to think of the process like a dream making machine. Once your heart knows what you want, it sends a message to your head and then you can decide whether you want to start working for it to come true or to just think on it a bit longer.  

 When you have a strong dream that you want to do, it won’t usually  just happen to you, you have to do your part of the work. Like for example, my CRPS foot. I wanted to get back to walking and it didn’t happen just by me sitting in bed resting my foot. I had to work with people and do lots of difficult physio to get where I am now, walking short distances without my crutches. Aside from all those physical things I had to do, making a dream board and being able to see it everyday helped a lot too. Every morning I look up at my dream board and imagine how good it will feel once I achieve my goals so that it starts my day in a happy way. A great thing about a dream board is that you can be as creative as you like when making it. I have been  honoured to be able to see other dream boards and I noticed how all the different designs explained the people who made them. Some had pictures and words, and some had quotes and drawings. I decided to have little patterned cards that I thoughtfully pegged up on my dream board,  so that as soon as I achieve a dream I can take that card down and put a new one up. 

  I am going to keep the cards that I have completed so that I can hole punch through them and turn them into a book of memories for when I’m older. Then I can see everything I went through, all the dreams that I put up and proudly achieved and took down. I once heard that a comfort zone is a prison of your own making, so push your boundaries out wide for your dream board, especially since there is no limit to what one person can achieve.

So get out the glue gun, scissors, printer and imagination and start creating your dreams today!

FZ out!! πŸ™‚


  (This picture is a collection of ideas from Google images)


11 thoughts on “Dream it-Believe it-Achieve it!

  1. What beautiful little Dream cards you have created for your Vision board.. I know when we hold the right intent we create our Dreams..
    I am sure you will reach your goals, and be completely healed..
    Think It and so you will create it..
    ‘ I Am, Healed’ , ‘ I have no Pain’

    Sending mega thoughts that you achieve your goal dear FZ and thank you so so much for dropping by Dreamwalker’s today.. I loved seeing you there.. Big Hugs
    Sue xxx ❀

  2. You’re on the right track, FZ!

    Someone once said, “life begins outside your comfort zone.”

    For a young lady who already knows this is impressive.

    It’s a beautiful dream board, FZ. May you be busy taking cards off it. πŸ™‚

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