A Little Ray of Sunshine



I am going through a flare-up with my foot right now. 😦 It has been really bad and it feels like the start of my CRPS all over again. All of a sudden I have to teach my body and brain to walk again.
I named my sore foot Lexie Leftie, and she just WON’T listen to me when I tell her to stop whining and start moving! I have broken down a few times now because it has all gotten so overwhelming. I have had my mum help me through it, and now Lexi is starting to improve a little bit. On the weekend, I was so sore I could hardly move. I didn’t want to go anywhere, do anything or talk to anyone. But my mum and dad got me out of the house and down to the river. I was so lucky that they did, because we fed the ducks and I really thought about the beauty of nature.
I closed my eyes and thought about the sounds I heard. There were birds tweeting energetically, and ducks quacking joyfully. I could hear the trees gently swaying side to side in the wind and the delicate ripples of the water. It reminded of thousands of leaping ballerinas! It was beautiful.
Next I thought about what I could see. There were pelicans and ducks swimming in the river blissfully, birds gliding across the crystal clear, blue sky, and people walking across bridges. As I looked around, I saw a very bizarre thing. It was a goat! That’s right, trotting out of the mystical trees, there was a random goat! I don’t know where it came from, and it should’t have been there but it sure did give us all a laugh!
I thought about descriptive words and what I saw and heard. It is so important to get out of your house and see nature, think about nature, enjoy nature. By getting out and reflecting on the true meaning of Mother Nature, it distracted my brain from the pain and made me go to a really happy place. You can do whatever you like outside, paint your nails (hehe), write a story, read a book, or even play an active game. The sun is very important too. The sunlight gives you vitamin D, colour in your face (remember to not get burnt) and gives you a bit of energy. You can also bond with people. I think that I bonded even more with my mum and dad at the river as we enjoyed each others sense of humor.
So, it is important to get out and take time to get some sun and do an activity. I hope that everybody has a great day and maybe go to the river or park. Tell the sun I say hi!

Thank you for reading,
FZ out!! 🙂

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