A Pot of Hope at the End of the Painbow




Hey, hey!
Today I will be talking more about pain and how I reduce it.
After I went to hospital in Adelaide for the second time of intensive therapy, I did lots of physio and my foot got that little bit better each day. Unfortunately, now I have got pain in other parts of my body too. 😦 The pain not only lives in my foot now, it has spread to my hips, back, neck and I get lots of headaches and earaches. I have also been getting pain that feels like electric shocks down my whole body. So, we will be traveling in a plane to Melbourne to see a new doctor. Apparently, he is really good and we will only be there for a day. I will be traveling with my mum.
Anyway, back to pain and helping it, when I get extra pain in my back, arm or even my other foot, I like to use heat packs or a warm bath. The warmth helps my body relax, so hopefully it will do the same for you! Sometimes if I distract my brain, it helps too. Watching TV, or playing a game, or talking about something really important, are ways I distract myself. I find that music is also great for making me feel stronger. Sometimes just asking someone for a nice warm cuddle can bring comfort and happiness to me.
Like I said a few posts ago, using your imagination is very important, and it can get your mind off all the pain you can think of. Whenever I am in extra high pain, I say to myself all of this pain makes me stronger, and I will be unstoppable when I recover.

Remember when you are at the top of your own painbow, slide down and let a pot of hope and happiness catch you at the bottom!
So maybe you should think about taking my advice, because I know it works for me…well, sometimes!
FZ out!! 🙂

PS. If you have got other ways to reduce pain that have helped you, please let me know how
PPs. Have a beautiful day everyone!


2 thoughts on “A Pot of Hope at the End of the Painbow

  1. Hi FZ, this is Millie’s Mum. I just want to say what a special young lady you are! You are dealing with such a lot for someone so young and yet you do so with such maturity and grace. Your positive outlook is such a lesson to us all. Well done darling! Take care and keep your lovely posts coming. Bec x

    • Hi Millie’s Mum! Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Messages like yours mean so much to me and keep me posting on my blog so I hope you like the ones I post in the future. So again, thank you!
      FZ 🙂

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