Cinquain to Distract the Brain from Pain :)



Hi-Hi People!

Today I will be showing you some poems that I have written myself. They will be about lots of different things that I have going on in my life. Poems are a great way to express how you feel and what is happening. I love poems, especially when they are about other people and describing what they mean to another person. You can write poems as an apology, a present, to express inner thoughts and feelings, or just because you love writing. There are lots of types of poems that you can create. They all look a little different to each other, but that’s the best bit! You can draw a picture to match your poem, or you can just leave it as it is.
Here is a cinquain poem about family, but without a drawing:


Fun, Funny
Loving, Caring, Supporting
Unforgettable, Joyful, Important, Unique

I will only be doing cinquain poems for today. Here is another one about life and how I am living it:


Difficult, Long
Amazing, Exciting, Challenging
Puzzling, Fluro, Colourful, Surprising

This next one will be about how fun loving pets are. They can end up being your BFFL (Best Friend For Life!)

Cuddly, Active
Loving, Watching, Caring
Crazy, Naughty, Precious, Adorable

This is the last poem for today so I hope you like it! It is about pain. I wanted to save the best for last!


Sore, Unfair
Tiring, Crying, Upsetting
Restless, Rough, Tough, Bravery

Although most of the words were sad in the last poem, I get a lot of good things out of it too. Like experience, muscles, bravery and it makes me more confident when I get hurt. When I do get hurt, like if I scrape my hand on something, all I say to myself is that I am going through much worse than that and that my hand hardly hurts in comparison. So that is the up side to my CRPS!

Maybe you would like to write a poem and express how YOU feel?!

FZ out!! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Cinquain to Distract the Brain from Pain :)

  1. Poetry is a great release for our feelings FZ.. and I have wrote many to express the hurts and injustices, the joys and love we all share.
    Pain is not nice.. I suffered from Fibromyalgia Sydrome.. FMS for short.. IT too is very painful in the muscles and you can feel very tired all the time..
    Just to give you a boost.. Although it took quite a while for the Doctors to diagnose the pain and tiredness.. Plus very bad my-grains which would put me in bed they were so bad. There only means of help were pain killers which to be honest didn’t really work that well.. In fact they upset my tummy and made more problems.. So I sort other means of healing.

    As I was already a Spiritual Heaier I understood we each can help heal our own bodies.. So I set about healing mine.

    I like you started to think ‘Happy thoughts’ and I started to practice affirmations from a book by Louise Hays, called You can Heal your Life..
    I also started to practice Spring Forest Qi-Qong.. If you ask your Parents to look it up on Youtube.. with Master Chunyi Lin.. you will get to see what I did to help heal myself..

    At one point I used to walk with a stick, and it would take me for ever to walk up my own stairs.
    Today I can walk for miles. and I am relatively pain free. I have a top up of Acupuncture now every month which helps any sore spots in my muscles… I just have to pace myself and know I can achieve anything.. And so can you.

    Having the kind of attitude you have to your own health problems FZ means you are already on the winning side of the healing battle.. Happiness is a great Healer.. So Keep on doing what you are doing..

    Sending you love and Lightness to help you dance throughout your day 🙂

    • This means so much to me that you wanted to share your story with me. Thank you for all the helpful ideas and advice. I have been a bit scared to try acupuncture but I’ve heard a lot of positive things about it.
      Thank you again,
      FZ out!! 🙂

  2. Neak

    Hi FZ this is Lily. I just wanted to tell you that those poems were awesome and so creative!!!!! My favourite was the one about life. Thanks for sharing your great poems FZ!!😄

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