Do It- Just Dream It!

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Hello There!

Today I will be talking to you about pain and going on adventures.

When I need to try and cope with my pain I like to use my imagination. I love using my imagination because it makes me feel free. I may have a foot with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) but using my head I can walk, run and shoot hoops. I also love going on adventures. Sometimes I meet the Queen in England, or go to Disneyland in Paris! Whatever it is I try to make it fun, so maybe you should try it too.

Another thing I suggest you try is writing a story about your adventures. Today I wrote my own story called “The adventures of Mimi & Momo!”

It is about two little kittens that learn a long life lesson: the only people you need in your life is your family. If you want to listen to my story, please select the audio recording above.

If you need help planning dreams, please take my advice and just try it: First of all in the daytime I plan my dream everywhere I go I would think about my dream.

Each night, I would act out my dream for about 10-15 then go to sleep dreaming about it.


The next day I would do the same thing, but a different dream.

And the best bit is that my adventures teach me a thing or two!

I have got other tips about pain and how to get it to a lower level, so make sure you look at my next post.

FZ out!! 🙂


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