Busy Hand, Busy Mind, Happy Heart



Hello everyone!

Sorry I have not done a post in a little while, but I have just been too busy. On the weekend I had my First Eucharist. I wore a very pretty dress that was white with a little bit of silver. In the morning before we left for church, my family gathered round the table and gave me a little giftbag. I opened the bag and saw a tiny box. In the box was something all wrapped up in purple tissue paper. I unwrapped it and saw a ring with a clear little crystal stone in the middle. I was so excited because it was from a very expensive shop. So at my Eucharist I wore that ring, and the best bit was that it fit perfectly and also went well with my outfit. I wore a necklace that had a cross on it too.
After church, we went to a café and celebrated. I got lots of special presents from family and friends. One of the gifts was a silver bracelet, and I put it on straight away. We had some morning tea, then it was cake time. My mum made my cake, but I had had a small cake and the guests had cupcakes. The cake was shaped as a cross, and the cupcakes had loveheart sticks and pink icing! We ate the cupcakes and a bit later on it was time to go home. I said goodbye and thank you to everyone, and then we headed home too.

So, you see I had a big weekened getting ready for everything, and sadly didn’t have time to do a post. I am so tired today, and very, very sore. Ouch!! 😦 Even fluro Zebras have bad days! I may have overdone it a bit so I am resting up under a warm doona today.
While resting, I have created some fashion designs and wanted to know which one YOU would want to wear, if you had to pick. So, please let me know which you would rather wear.

I find if I keep my hands and my mind busy it helps me ride the pain rollercoaster a bit better.

FZ out! 🙂


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