Bunnilicious News in Fluro Land!



Hello everybody!

As some of you know, I was getting a pet rabbit. I thought it would be a female, but when I went to pick out my rabbit I had a better connection with a male. So, on the 17th June 2014, it was time to bring home my precious bunny and let him meet the rest of my family. I named him Tommi. He is completely black with dark brown eyes. We bought an inside hutch for $25. It was broken and wasn’t very pretty, so that was why it was so cheap. But  mum and I fixed it up by first putting everything back together, then we simply did what I do best… MAKE-OVERS!!! We spray painted the hutch, and I also made a little sign with his name glued to it. The colours turned out fantastic and they went well with my room too! Once we had finished the hutch it was the day of getting Tommi. He has no idea how much we did for him! We repainted my room cream, (before it was purple) bought a new bed spread, painted nearly everything in there and went out shopping for decorations such as little lanterns and peaceful scents. I wanted everything perfect before Tommi’s arrival so he felt comfortable in our new shared space. My theme colours were pale pink, white and cream so that Tommi would stand out.  I was going for a nice, peaceful vibe. Tommi loves a good cuddle and jumps around crazy, and his poops remind me of tiny rumballs without the coconut on them! The only thing is that we have also got an inside cat. At first we were worried that she may hurt Tommi, but then we waited to see what would happen and it turns out that she is scared of him! It is because she is used to animals  running away from her, but Tommi was not frightened one bit, in fact he wanted to do nose kisses with her, but everytime he sniffs her she runs away terrified! Each day we bring him out to her so she can get used to him around, and she is slowly adjusting to it all. Family can be a bit tricky to get used to at first, especially when at the start you were the center of attention, but when you get to know each other a little bit better, you figure out that they can be your best friend that always looks out for you no matter what happens. It is very interesting how family works, but it means that you are very lucky to have them. Even a friend can be family, so just remember how you are very special to have people that love you!
My family have encouraged me to work through my pain in my foot. They also make me laugh whenever I am not happy, keep me lots of company and think about me and show their support in the things they say and do. That is how much they love me!

“Family, like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, but our roots keep us all together”
~Author Unknown~

That’s all I have to say for today,
FZ out!! 🙂


(Kitty may seem a bit grumpy, but Tommi will find a place in her heart soon, just as she has in mine.)


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