Bunny News: My Poppy


Hi there!


Today I wanted to talk about something really exciting. A PET RABBIT! In less than two weeks I will have a rabbit sitting in my lap as I write on my blog. I am hoping for a girl, and I have already picked out a name… Poppy. I’d like to get a black one, otherwise a ginger or a white. We are going to a lady who is a registered rabbit breeder and we have seen a few pictures of her cute little ones on Facebook.


I had been begging my dad for one for a couple of months because he isn’t much of an animal lover. Luckily my sister had done the first half for me because she got a cat, and that took her ages to finally get one. So we have been forcing him to pat and have cuddles with the cat to make him like pets a little bit more than he did. And the best bit was that it was his idea to surprise me and take me to a lady to buy a bunny, but instead we are going to that other woman. It’s a little confusing, but I am just so excited! So remember, if you want and more importantly need something, be persistent and never give up because you will regret it. Thank you and I hope you listen to my next adventure.



Zebra 2



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