Fluro Friendships in Black and White


Friendship - FZ


Today I am going to give you my advise on how to make new friends. Also, I am not just writing for the kids, so take note adults! You don’t have to be a Fluro Zebra to have fluro friendships. I am going to explain some good friendship tips that are as simple as black and white.

The key to friendship is being yourself around people and making sure you’re comfortable talking to them. If you don’t be yourself, you won’t make any new friends because the chances are, you will be the worst at being somebody else. Keep telling yourself that everybody is different to each other, no matter what. If somebody tries to change you, they are not true friends. They need to accept you for being you, and not them.

Another way to make friends is doing good deeds for them. If you talk to someone who seems a little lonely, invite them to join you in doing something fun. You can also make new friends by just picking something up for them and not expecting anything in return. It makes them see you as a nice, helpful person. When I first meet someone new, I like to ask questions about them such as what their favourite colour is, or how many family members they have. They feel like they are interesting to you, and that you want to know more about them.

It is tricky, I know, but if you really want to be friends with them, I wouldn’t give up. You need to feel like you can tell them how you feel. If you have got a funny side or a creative side, show it. It will show the person the real you. Try to share a laugh because then you know that they think you are funny and it shows who you are. Please take my advise and try it. Always remember:

“Wherever you are, it is your friends that make your world.” – William James

FZ out!! 🙂


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