Just a Kitten with a Lion’s Heart


Howdy everybody!
I would just like to start off by saying happy New Year! I hope everybody had a great 2015 and got to celebrate the last day with lots of happiness. How was Christmas too? We had a Christmas lunch with some of our extended family, and I must say I got pretty spoiled! I hope everyone had a great, fun and exciting Christmas and New Year.
I apologise greatly for not blogging in such a long time, I have had some busy days recently but don’t worry because I am still The Fluro Zebra!
In 2015, I accomplished lots of my goals but never got round to taking them down from my dream board. Now though, I have taken them down, written on the back when I completed them and what it felt like, and collected them together so that when I am older I can look back. I had three already accomplished and they were: doing the tree pose on my left foot, going to school full time (woo hoo!) and walking without crutches (also woo hoo!). That’s right, I haven’t used my crutches or wheelchair for months and now I am going to school for the entire day! Another big thing about school is that I will be School Captain for 2016!!!! I felt so honoured to chosen and I think that this year will be my favourite for everything.

My new dreams that are already up on my dream board and ready to be achieved are: 0 meds (which I am already lowering), jog 50m and go down a big water slide in our home town. These I am trying to work towards right now. With all my other dreams, some I am getting close to achieving, for example the fashion show dream. For my birthday this year I got two VIP tickets to a fashion show! I am so excited and I can’t wait for it! It is in March so it’s not too far away. Another example is going to a trampoline park dream. I have been practicing and practicing on a little trampoline so hopefully very soon I can go to that and have some fun!

So, as you can see, no matter what challenges in life you are facing nothing can stop you achieving your dreams if you hold a determined heart, positive mind and always remember to laugh. Even though I still have CRPS, I have learnt how to manage the pain and reduce the symptoms, and I am so grateful for all my improvements. Two years ago I would never have thought that I would be a school captain, going to school full time and feeling like an actual kid again. Although this has been such a tough experience, I feel like I had it for a reason and now I am noticing all the things I have learnt. My mum always says that I am a kitten with a lion’s heart and I finally feel like I have found my roar!
FZ out!! 🙂



My Poppy!


Hi there!


Today I wanted to talk about something really exciting. A PET RABBIT! In less than two weeks I will have a rabbit sitting in my lap as I write on my blog. I am hoping for a girl, and I have already picked out a name… Poppy. I’d like to get a black one, otherwise a ginger or a white. We are going to a lady who is a registered rabbit breeder and we have seen a few pictures of her cute little ones on Facebook.


I had been begging my dad for one for a couple of months because he isn’t much of an animal lover. Luckily my sister had done the first half for me because she got a cat, and that took her ages to finally get one. So we have been forcing him to pat and have cuddles with the cat to make him like pets a little bit more than he did. And the best bit was that it was his idea to surprise me and take me to a lady to buy a bunny, but instead we are going to that other woman. It’s a little confusing, but I am just so excited! So remember, if you want and more importantly need something, be persistent and never give up because you will regret it. Thank you and I hope you listen to my next adventure.



Zebra 2



The Beginning of Fluro!



Just to let you know, this is the first blog I have ever done. I am 10 years old and cant wait to begin! My blog will be about my life and how it has its different fluro colours, happy fluro and pain fluro. I have hurt my foot and now have a nervous system dysfunction. This is called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, or for short, CRPS. My life has got its ups and its downs. I have made this blog so that other kids, or parents of children with this condition can get recovery ideas from what helps me. What I have in my foot is very rare, and even more so for children. For adults it can stay with you for life, so that is why I am lucky I’m just a kid. All you need to keep telling yourself as a kid is how you are going to get through it and that once it is all over you will be so strong.

I will also be telling you other things that happen in my life and I promise to share all the best bits too. You may have a few meltdowns, but for me that’s all I need and then I am ready to push for whatever I need done. I’m just an ordinary girl that loves all the extraordinary things in life… that’s what makes living in fluro such a wonderful adventure.

Thank you for looking on my blog. I’d love you to visit me again soon!

I didn’t want to completely change my About Me page, but I’m a little bit older now. I started this blog when I was 10 years old, but now I am 12. I still suffer from CRPS, although I am on a much better road with more strategies and solutions to calming down my nervous system. I love posting about my life and giving advice to others, and I hope everyone will still follow me! My life could never be black and white and boring, there is always something special going on that I can learn about everyday, and that is the biggest thing that I have learnt. I just have a naturally colourful and fluro life I guess, which makes me very lucky!
Thank you very much everyone, FZ 🙂