Living the Audrey Life



I am super sorry that it has been such a long time since my last post, but I have been going through some very hard, very sad times. I will blog more about this another day. Today I want to write about something very special that happened to me. 

For weeks and weeks I have been working on my silly, annoying, painful foot (Lexi Lefty) to get her back wearing runners to school. I have been trying to work out a motivating reward for achieving my goals, and then it hit me; where is the number one place I have been dying to visit? Tiffany and Co. of course! My mum brought up that at Chadstone shopping centre in Melbourne there is Tiffany’s, plus all the high fashion stores like Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, Ralph Lauren, Chanel (ahhhhhhh!), and heaps more. I couldn’t believe my ears! One shopping centre had every shop I had ever dreamed of going into! So I obviously said YES and that was how I made Chadstone my reward for achievement, but there were a couple of tricky goals I had to meet too. They were definitely worth it! In my goal diary we set a date to travel over to Chadstone. It was last Tuesday. My whole family came along too (not the best idea to have five people squashed into a little car though!). When we arrived, well … we sort of got lost…but then we found it and we walked in with massive smiles on our faces, especially mine! My mum and I got all dressed up fancy in our very best clothes and then all of a sudden I saw these shops, one after another that I had read about everywhere! I was speechless!! Not surprisingly,  the very first shop I went into was Tiffany’s. I had already gone onto their website and worked out what I could afford, because I wanted a souvenir to keep forever. I saw this breathtakingly glamorous pendent that I absolutely LOVED!!! It said Tiffany and Co. on the front and it was shaped as a love heart. It was perfect!! 

I had been saving up all my  Christmas and birthday money to buy something special, and as soon as I saw it I knew that was what I wanted! I also bought a chain (not from Tiffany’s), and went to another store. I worked my way around and then became the happiest 11 year old girl on earth! 

Guess what else?  At Prada, Gucci and Tiffany’s (of coarse!) the lovely shop assistants prepared for me, bags with glossy catalogues in them…but nobody else knew that, so I was walking around looking like I was rich buying all these things that were really only pieces of paper! Even my brother and sister fell for it! I got lots of pictures of us outside and inside of the stores too. 

I was very grateful, and as soon as we got home I unwrapped my bag, box and other mini bag and tried on my necklace straight away. But this necklace is a symbol of something extremely important. It represents strength and classiness to me- I can feel brave and determined at the same time as feeling gorgeous. It was beautiful! My expensive dream actually came true! And I enjoyed every minute of it. I am such a lucky girl! 😀

Even now after having a nasty fall on my foot and being stuck in bed in agony, just looking at my necklace sends positive vibes throughout my body that makes me want to power along my pain just like I imagine Audrey would do. 

I hope everyone’s holidays have been really special. Also, I hope your Easters have been just as great. 🙂 Everybody have an epic day relaxing before everything goes a bit crazy again! Haha!

“For beautiful eyes,

Look for the good in others;

For beautiful lips,

Speak only words of kindness;

And for poise

Walk with knowledge that you are never alone.”

~Audrey Hepburn

FZ out!! 🙂


The Magic of the Classics



I have wanted to write for the past two weeks, but sadly I have been in too much pain with constant migraines and my frustrating CRPS foot. I am very pleased to announce I have no head pain today!!
To keep my mind distracted without thinking too hard over the past few weeks, I have watched some old classic movies in bed with my mum. We have watched:
• An Affair to Remember
• Breakfast at Tiffany’s
• To Catch a Thief
• Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

My favourite movie was Breakfast at Tiffany’s. What I loved most about each of the old movies was the clothes the ladies wore. My favourite outfit was Audrey Hepburn’s stunning and sleek, fitted black dress that she wore in the first scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S, Audrey Hepburn, 1961

My mum’s favourite outfit was a gorgeous, flowing and feminine strapless gown from To Catch a Thief, that Grace Kelly wore.


In every movie, there were magnificent pieces of jewellery that had both of us exclaiming, “Wow… Oohh… Ahh… How pretty!”
If you have read my previous post, Sparkle- Shimmer- Shine, you will know that I love a bit of bling! It was like heaven when I saw all those jewels!
Mum and I both laughed when we watched how much they used to smoke back then. It was the first time I had seen a cigarette stick too! I guess it is good for our health that we don’t see that in movies anymore.
My mum gave me a makeover inspired by Audrey Hepburn, just for fun. I had a big bun just like her and a pretty necklace on. I had a slick of fuchsia pink lipstick, and pale pink stick on earrings. In the end I felt like a princess. When I sat at the dinner table, the rest of the family let me pretend I was Audrey. It was so much fun, but before I knew it the night was over and my makeup was wiped off 😦 . But I will be sure to do it again!

FZ as Audrey

What I had noticed about the women that starred in the old films, was that they were strong and they knew how to get something when they wanted it. But they were still gentle, and their voices were still calm and soothing. They showed determination, grace and a quiet confidence that inspires me to take control of Lexi Leftie! (For new readers, this is the name of my CRPS foot.) These old movies have helped me to change my feelings of pessimism (that is for you Ron) into an optimistic mindset again!

So my readers, make this day a classic one, for you can look back in your life and enjoy it yet again.

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others;
For beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness;
And for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” ~ Audrey Hepburn

FZ out!! 🙂


The Classics

FZ’s Textured Art and Fashion Paper



Zali's Artwork 2014 116

“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul”

~ Elder Uchtdorf~



I have again wanted to show you something crafty I have done.  I have created three different handmade paper prints that I call,  ‘Funky Paper’. I will give you instructions below and visuals on the attached video about how to make them, so that you can do it too. They are pretty easy and lots of fun to make!  Once you finish creating the Funky Paper, you can make lots of little decorations, such as a card, a pen holder or maybe a bookmark. It is all up to you what you do with the paper. You will be amazed with how your imagination works! But… you have to watch the video I have made to find out what I have created with them. This video is going to be spectacular and you will love it! I will only give you one clue and one clue only about my creations on my video, the title. The rest you will have to find out yourself when you watch the clip. Now please, sit back, relax and enjoy my video!

FZ out!! 🙂



Zali's Artwork 2014 258



  • Scrunch an A4 sheet of copy paper over and over until it feels soft like tissue paper.
  • Flatten out the paper on your desk.
  • Paint stripes, swirls and dots of food dye onto your paper.
  • Allow to dry completely before use.



  • Set a white A4 sheet of copy paper in front of you.
  • Use a liquid dropper to blend colours of food dye all over your page.
  • Sprinkle table salt over the wet page in swirls, lines or clusters.

Allow to dry and carefully shake off the excess paint before use.


  • Paint a pre-made mix of icing sugar and water over the entire space of an A4 copy sheet.
  • Use droplets of food dye to colour over the (now glossy) white paper. The dye will run, swirl and blend itself around the page in an interesting manner.
  • Allow the paper to dry fully before using.

The Power of Shath!


I am so excited about today’s post, because it is something I like to call…shath! Shath  is a mix between shopping, and math. I am getting homeschooled this term while I try to beat this silly CRPS, and my mum is my teacher. I really wanted to go shopping because I had saved up my money since my last birthday.Mum said that once we were up to learning about money, we could go shopping and still be doing maths! So the day came and I learned about place value columns and the values of things. I learned about estimation, rounding up and rounding down and how my times tables make shopping easier. I counted up my money and had $96.20. I wanted to buy an outfit. So we walked into Witchery, and I found about 5 or 6 things I LOVED! So I tried them on, but there were only three that felt comfortable and looked good. So I had a big decision to make, because I didn’t want to use all my money. We walked into Best and Less so I could think of what to do, and then I found a white FLUFFY cardigan that I LOVED! So mum bought it for me, and it was on sale. I had thought everything through and my options were, a peach colored shirt, a black ponte skirt and a white top with a pretty cut out feature at the bottom. They were all $29.99. I decided to buy the skirt and the white top. It all went with my new cardigan too! Then I remembered that there was a pair of shoes at Pumpkin Patch that I loved too. So we drove there, but they didn’t have my size. The lady that worked there said that she could order them in my size, but I didn’t mind them a bit bigger. I decided to try on my correct size in a different style and it turned out that I actually  preferred those ones rather then the ones that I first loved. So I bought them (by the way, they were black and cost $25.00 on sale!) and I wore them for the rest of the day! (I have only just started to be able to bear closed in shoes, so this was a BIG deal!) Next, Mum wheeled my chair into Target to buy black stockings. We found them and zoomed to the cash register and I paid. Mum made my brain work extra hard that day, but I had lots of fun while doing it.
At home I worked out how much money I had left, which was $11 and a few cents. This meant that I spent $85.20. I then put on a mini fashion show for my family, and they all loved what I bought! There is nothing like a shot of shopping to distract the brain from pain and maybe even ease it a bit.:)

I say we should put `shath` in the Oxford Dictionary and in the school curriculum! Let’s start a petition TODAY, and let the shath lovers unite!

FZ out!! 🙂

Coco Chanel



Hey hey!
I have made a little slideshow for you guys. It is all about Coco Chanel and how she lived her life. When I am older I would like to be a designer, and she is my inspiration. I have researched her for a few days now, and finally I gathered enough information to teach you all about her too! Lots of people looked up to her, and they still do. What I admire about her is that nothing could take her down. She may have gone through a bit of a rough time, but she didn’t want it to stop her from following her dreams. I hope someday I can be as brave as she was! I really hope you like my video presentation below.
FZ out!! 🙂

Busy Hand, Busy Mind, Happy Heart


imageHello everyone!

Sorry I have not done a post in a little while, but I have just been too busy. On the weekend I had my First Eucharist. I wore a very pretty dress that was white with a little bit of silver. In the morning before we left for church, my family gathered round the table and gave me a little giftbag. I opened the bag and saw a tiny box. In the box was something all wrapped up in purple tissue paper. I unwrapped it and saw a ring with a clear little crystal stone in the middle. I was so excited because it was from a very expensive shop. So at my Eucharist I wore that ring, and the best bit was that it fit perfectly and also went well with my outfit. I wore a necklace that had a cross on it too.
After church, we went to a café and celebrated. I got lots of special presents from family and friends. One of the gifts was a silver bracelet, and I put it on straight away. We had some morning tea, then it was cake time. My mum made my cake, but I had had a small cake and the guests had cupcakes. The cake was shaped as a cross, and the cupcakes had loveheart sticks and pink icing! We ate the cupcakes and a bit later on it was time to go home. I said goodbye and thank you to everyone, and then we headed home too.

So, you see I had a big weekened getting ready for everything, and sadly didn’t have time to do a post. I am so tired today, and very, very sore. Ouch!! 😦 Even fluro Zebras have bad days! I may have overdone it a bit so I am resting up under a warm doona today.
While resting, I have created some fashion designs and wanted to know which one YOU would want to wear, if you had to pick. So, please let me know which you would rather wear.

I find if I keep my hands and my mind busy it helps me ride the pain rollercoaster a bit better.

FZ out! 🙂