A Letter To My Younger Self


Dear younger FZ,
I know that right now you are confused, in pain, and very frightened, but everything is going to be even better than ok. You have an injury in your left foot called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (over time you will learn that name off by heart!), and it is a nervous system dysfunction, which means your brain is sending the wrong messages to your foot. Now, this will cause you massive amounts of pain, but the journey you go on and the people you meet are spectacular.
You will be going as an impatient to the Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and I know this will freak you out to the point of crying in public, but your parents come with you and tell you stories about when they had to go to hospital and all the people they met, and they make you feel a lot better. When you stay at the hospital, you have lots of hard physiotherapy to get through, but you will meet your physiotherapist that helps you through the pain. You, your mum and your physiotherapist with even go to a cafe in the hospital and you will get so much cocoa in your hot chocolate it will be like heaven! You go to that hospital 3 times, the first time for 4 days, the second for 2 weeks and the last time for another 2 weeks. After the second time, you and your family go on a well overdue holiday to Adelaide. You are on the beach having lots of fun, and even though you put on lots of sunscreen, something terrible happens…your sore foot gets sunburnt! You can’t join in with any other activities that will hurt your foot, but somehow your family makes you feel very included. Always remember how great your family is! So after you finish your holiday (which will still be an amazing, fun time), you have to go back to hospital for 2 weeks. Sadly your last physiotherapist can’t have you as her patient, so you get a new one. It may feel like you are being pushed way to hard and even though after many sessions you have a bit of a cry, you learn much more and still have your mum’s cuddles and your family’s encouraging words. Plus, there is always the StarLight room where you discover a game that could almost be made just for you (spoiler alert! It is a fashion game where you have your own store and avatar and you enter outfits for fashion shows! You love it…and you sort of get a bit addicted to it!)! Once you go to the Adelaide hospital for the third time, it is also the last time!
You end up buying a wheelchair, and you go on weird types of crutches, but you get used to them both. You build up to not using crutches around the house at all and using the wheelchair only sometimes in big places, but you do have to start over because of flare ups every once in a while. You are very strong and determined, and even when you have to start over your process of walking again, you accomplish it.
You have a blog, and everyone is so supportive and encouraging that views it. You are able to talk about struggles, achievements and sometimes random stuff that pops into your imaginative brain! Oh yeah, you also name your two feet Lexi Leftie and Rainy Righty, and you have a Lexiversery once a year to celebrate how long you have been a survivor of CRPS.
Basically, your life is a roller coaster of dramatically painful lows and out of this world highs, but you always have people that love and care about you, so don’t worry, you can get through everything life throws at you!ย Never give up on anything little FZ!

Love your future self, FZ out!! ๐Ÿ™‚



Random Act of Kindness December



Hey Hey!
I had been thinking about what my next random act of kindness should be, so because it has been getting closer to Christmas I wanted to go with that theme. I researched Oxfam, a charity website that helps the poor in different countries. I ordered a pack of Christmas cards and two boxes of little Worry Dolls from Oxfam. I also purchased a pack of pens. I handmade pink envelopes to keep the Worry Dolls safe. There was a description that came with the Worry Dolls that I slipped into each package. I wrote a big letter to the recipient, explaining the gift. I have typed it up for you to read below. I wrapped everything up in pretty Christmas paper and ribbon. I delivered them by driving all around my hometown and picking out streets in the car drive down. We rolled around the streets and with my heart I chose houses that I thought would appreciate the gifts I created. I love the feeling after delivering my random acts of kindnesses because my heart feels so full! Please keep spreading happiness and joy around the world!!
Have a fantastic day everybody,
FZ out!! ๐Ÿ™‚



Hello random stranger!
I am a 10 year old girl who loves spreading kindness around my hometown and the world. Every month I plan a big random act of kindness and try to do plenty of smaller ones everyday. I love to live by this quote: “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”

I have randomly picked you by selecting a mailbox with my heart. I chose your house because I felt a very strong vibe that you may appreciate a good smile today. I do these acts of kindnesses for everyday people hoping that they will pay the happiness forward.

As you can see I have wrapped up a small gift for you. I have purchased most of these items from Oxfam. I have chosen to support this organization as they fight against poverty worldwide. Oxfam gives people the tools they need to build better lives for themselves.

I have packaged up a special little Worry Doll for you to send everything you are stressing about away. Whisper all your troubles to the Worry Doll then dream beautiful dreams. They may be small, but they can hold many, many worries… and they never complain! I handmade the pink envelopes to keep them safe for you. I have also included a card and pen for you to write to someone you care about. May kindness flow through your heart and out your pen. Together we will have spread happiness all around. I have donated to Oxfam; Oxfam has provided the gift for me to give to you; you now have a gift to pass on. The only thing better than an act of kindness… is three! (I am delivering ten packages… that is an incredible amount of kindness when you times it by three!)

Your unknown 10 year old friend out ๐Ÿ™‚




The Nature of Art



Hi guys!


Whenever I am a bit sore or too tired to do anything active, I like to create art. I found a lady that made artwork out of nature and I decided to have a go at it. Her name is Justina Blakeney. She is really clever! Her artwork is titled ‘Face the Foliage’ and Mum showed me her account on Instagram.

Yesterday we drove to the park and went on a hunt for different coloured leaves, flowers and lots of other treasures from nature. Once we had collected all the things I needed for my art project, we went home and I started doing a plan on a blank piece of paper. Then I started the real thing and thought I would share how I did it with you. I am not going to tell you what the picture is because it is for me to know and for you to find out! Have a guess and let me know what you think it is and you will find out the answer at the end of this short clipโ€ฆ


FZ out!! ๐Ÿ™‚



Cinquain to Distract the Brain from Pain :)



Hi-Hi People!

Today I will be showing you some poems that I have written myself. They will be about lots of different things that I have going on in my life. Poems are a great way to express how you feel and what is happening. I love poems, especially when they are about other people and describing what they mean to another person. You can write poems as an apology, a present, to express inner thoughts and feelings, or just because you love writing. There are lots of types of poems that you can create. They all look a little different to each other, but that’s the best bit! You can draw a picture to match your poem, or you can just leave it as it is.
Here is a cinquain poem about family, but without a drawing:


Fun, Funny
Loving, Caring, Supporting
Unforgettable, Joyful, Important, Unique

I will only be doing cinquain poems for today. Here is another one about life and how I am living it:


Difficult, Long
Amazing, Exciting, Challenging
Puzzling, Fluro, Colourful, Surprising

This next one will be about how fun loving pets are. They can end up being your BFFL (Best Friend For Life!)

Cuddly, Active
Loving, Watching, Caring
Crazy, Naughty, Precious, Adorable

This is the last poem for today so I hope you like it! It is about pain. I wanted to save the best for last!


Sore, Unfair
Tiring, Crying, Upsetting
Restless, Rough, Tough, Bravery

Although most of the words were sad in the last poem, I get a lot of good things out of it too. Like experience, muscles, bravery and it makes me more confident when I get hurt. When I do get hurt, like if I scrape my hand on something, all I say to myself is that I am going through much worse than that and that my hand hardly hurts in comparison. So that is the up side to my CRPS!

Maybe you would like to write a poem and express how YOU feel?!

FZ out!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Busy Hand, Busy Mind, Happy Heart


imageHello everyone!

Sorry I have not done a post in a little while, but I have just been too busy. On the weekend I had my First Eucharist. I wore a very pretty dress that was white with a little bit of silver. In the morning before we left for church, my family gathered round the table and gave me a little giftbag. I opened the bag and saw a tiny box. In the box was something all wrapped up in purple tissue paper. I unwrapped it and saw a ring with a clear little crystal stone in the middle. I was so excited because it was from a very expensive shop. So at my Eucharist I wore that ring, and the best bit was that it fit perfectly and also went well with my outfit. I wore a necklace that had a cross on it too.
After church, we went to a cafรฉ and celebrated. I got lots of special presents from family and friends. One of the gifts was a silver bracelet, and I put it on straight away. We had some morning tea, then it was cake time. My mum made my cake, but I had had a small cake and the guests had cupcakes. The cake was shaped as a cross, and the cupcakes had loveheart sticks and pink icing! We ate the cupcakes and a bit later on it was time to go home. I said goodbye and thank you to everyone, and then we headed home too.

So, you see I had a big weekened getting ready for everything, and sadly didn’t have time to do a post. I am so tired today, and very, very sore. Ouch!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Even fluro Zebras have bad days! I may have overdone it a bit so I am resting up under a warm doona today.
While resting, I have created some fashion designs and wanted to know which one YOU would want to wear, if you had to pick. So, please let me know which you would rather wear.

I find if I keep my hands and my mind busy it helps me ride the pain rollercoaster a bit better.

FZ out! ๐Ÿ™‚

The ‘Craft’ of Distraction for Pain Relief: Hair Pins


Hey hi!

Today’s post is very fun, because it is arts and craft! I have made little hair pins that are quick and easy.

Doing things you enjoy can distract your brain from pain. Arts and crafts are good ways to make you feel happy, even on a bad day. The bad days are the most important ones to feel happy, so that is why I recommend doing something you really enjoy, especially creative things. And the best part is, the achievements you make.

I have made this movie that gives you the instructions. If you need help Miss Z (my zebra), will be telling you what you need and what to do. You can do bling on the clips, or you can do plain. Whatever you do, just make it express who you are, because you are the one that will be wearing it. If you are not an adult, make sure there is one near by, because you will probably need one.

Please watch my movie, I really hope it inspires you to do something creative whether you are a girl or boy, adult or child!
If you enjoy the movie, please could you press the like button, then I will know to create more hair pin ideas, for you to come back again and check them out.

FZ out!! ๐Ÿ™‚

PS- Another girl on here posts heaps of cool thoughts and ideas, her name is Millie http://adailydoseofmillie.wordpress.com/ , you should check out her page too.


A Pot of Hope at the end of the Painbow!!





Hey, hey!
Today I will be talking more about pain and how I reduce it.
After I went to hospital in Adelaide for the second time of intensive therapy, I did lots of physio and my foot got that little bit better each day. Unfortunately, now I have got pain in other parts of my body too. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ The pain not only lives in my foot now, it has spread to my hips, back, neck and I get lots of headaches and earaches. I have also been getting pain that feels like electric shocks down my whole body. So, we will be traveling in a plane to Melbourne to see a new doctor. Apparently, he is really good and we will only be there for a day. I will be traveling with my mum.
Anyway, back to pain and helping it, when I get extra pain in my back, arm or even my other foot, I like to use heat packs or a warm bath. The warmth helps my body relax, so hopefully it will do the same for you! Sometimes if I distract my brain, it helps too. Watching TV, or playing a game, or talking about something really important, are ways I distract myself. I find that music is also great for making me feel stronger. Sometimes just asking someone for a nice warm cuddle can bring comfort and happiness to me.
Like I said a few posts ago, using your imagination is very important, and it can get your mind off all the pain you can think of. Whenever I am in extra high pain, I say to myself all of this pain makes me stronger, and I will be unstoppable when I recover.

Remember when you are at the top of your own painbow, slide down and let a pot of hope and happiness catch you at the bottom!
So maybe you should think about taking my advice, because I know it works for meโ€ฆwell, sometimes!
FZ out!! ๐Ÿ™‚

PS. If you have got other ways to reduce pain that have helped you, please let me know how.
PPs. Have a beautiful day everyone!