Random Act of Kindness: August



I have been thinking about what my next RAOK could be lately. Then I thought, what about the park?! All sorts of kids go to the park, kids from poor families and kids from wealthy families. Kids that may face challenges, and kids that may not. The thing is you never know what type of life they are living and battles they are fighting.Sometimes tricky stuff can be invisible to strangers (for example, I have CRPS and sometimes people don’t know how tough my life can be at times). I believe that all my kindness gifts go to the right people every time, and I have seen it happen during every act of kindness I have completed in the past. In fact, I found a very special friend through one of my random acts, and she has become a really important lady to my heart. She was fighting a battle that I was not aware of at the time, and she hunted me down to let me know how appreciative she was and we have been good friends ever since.

My latest RAOK was fun to create as I went shopping at a dollar shop for playful activities that the kids could enjoy. I added a little hint of FZ by wrapping my presents in a ribbon that has an Eiffel Tower print (those who know me, know that I’m a little obsessed with the thought of Paris!). I carefully chose some popular parks and placed the gifts all wrapped in clear cellophane on benches and tables before having a quick swing and walking away. My heart felt full of joy and excitement, and although I didn’t witness the recipients faces, I could imagine massive smiles beaming!

I have included some photos below so take a peek if you would like! 😀

FZ out!! 🙂


IMG_5464  IMG_5465



Random Act of Kindness: November


As you know I am due to do another random act of kindness for November. Each month I come up with a new big random act of kindness and then blog about it. My last one got people hunting for me on the local radio station and on Facebook, but I like to stay anonymous because I don’t want anything in return, I just like to think of people having big smiles on their faces when they receive my handmade gifts and letters. The most awesome part was that the whole community started talking about what random act of kindness they would do! It was really crazy being an unknown celebrity for a while!

This month I chose to sprinkle some kind energy towards 3 of the emergency services: Police, Ambulance and the CFA (Fire Fighters). I am focusing on the emergency services because I believe that people don’t always appreciate how lucky we are to have these incredible people looking out for us everyday. They are working dangerous jobs and without them we wouldn’t be as safe as we are today.
This time I made 31 pencil toppers! It took me 1 month to sew, decorate, glue, and name each of the them.IMG_9315

I sewed 1 unique wish into each topper by hoping with all my heart and using heartfelt words, so that whoever holds one will have a special feeling or experience happen to them (e.g: optimism/courage/persistence/love/feeling determined/attracting genuine compliments/receive a free coffee etc).IMG_9319[1]IMG_9316

I also included 1 scratchie per package. I wrote in each letter that if they win the $10,000 that they have to throw a massive party to celebrate how awesome they are (You can read my letter at the end of this post). I have my fingers crossed that all of them win!

The gifts were lots of fun to make and the great part was that I could be as creative as I wanted! I made bunnies, circles, squares and hearts in lots of different colours.IMG_9317


I got to select which group each pencil topper went into too. It was like creating families out of pencils! IMG_9318[1]

At the end I wrapped them up and decorated the packages with stickers.


Then we posted them and in a couple of days the emergency services will receive this random act of kindnesses. It is very exciting! This is always my favourite part…when the gifts get sent off to those that need or deserve them.IMG_9322

It makes my heart feel really full when I think about how much happiness is getting spread around the world.
I hope that people will be inspired to do a small random act of kindness today and make someone feel really happy!

Have a happy day!
FZ out!! 🙂





Hello world!
How are you today? I feel blingalicious!
Bling to me is special because it is sparkle, it is shine, and most importantly it makes a girl like me feel
Are you wearing a bit of bling today? Here are 10 reasons why a girl should wear bling…
1. It makes a girl feel pretty.
2. It reveals your inner shine.
3. It can capture the light from the sun, and who doesn’t want some sun in their day!?
4. It reminds me of the stars in the night sky.
5. Its beauty can bring you happiness at any time, day or night.
6. It goes with any of your clothes, and trust me, I’m a fashion expert!
7. It doesn’t matter  your age, bling can match anybody and never goes out of style.
8. A sparkly tiara isn’t over the top, it just shows how much fun bling is.
9. If you have ever watched the sun dance on water, you can see how good bling can be on nature. (See how bling looks good on everything!?)
10. Bling can show that you can be different to others without worrying about what they will think, because you feel gorgeous and that’s all that matters.
So they are my 10 reasons why a girl should wear a bit of bling. Now put down what you are doing and put on some bling!
FZ out!! 🙂

The Beginning of Fluro!



Just to let you know, this is the first blog I have ever done. I am 10 years old and cant wait to begin! My blog will be about my life and how it has its different fluro colours, happy fluro and pain fluro. I have hurt my foot and now have a nervous system dysfunction. This is called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, or for short, CRPS. My life has got its ups and its downs. I have made this blog so that other kids, or parents of children with this condition can get recovery ideas from what helps me. What I have in my foot is very rare, and even more so for children. For adults it can stay with you for life, so that is why I am lucky I’m just a kid. All you need to keep telling yourself as a kid is how you are going to get through it and that once it is all over you will be so strong.

I will also be telling you other things that happen in my life and I promise to share all the best bits too. You may have a few meltdowns, but for me that’s all I need and then I am ready to push for whatever I need done. I’m just an ordinary girl that loves all the extraordinary things in life… that’s what makes living in fluro such a wonderful adventure.

Thank you for looking on my blog. I’d love you to visit me again soon!

I didn’t want to completely change my About Me page, but I’m a little bit older now. I started this blog when I was 10 years old, but now I am 12. I still suffer from CRPS, although I am on a much better road with more strategies and solutions to calming down my nervous system. I love posting about my life and giving advice to others, and I hope everyone will still follow me! My life could never be black and white and boring, there is always something special going on that I can learn about everyday, and that is the biggest thing that I have learnt. I just have a naturally colourful and fluro life I guess, which makes me very lucky!
Thank you very much everyone, FZ 🙂