Poetry: Words of the Soul




I recently entered a poetry competition at my school and I wanted to share my entries with you! Those people with chronic pain will understand exactly what I have written about, I am sure.

I am Kind and Unique
An ‘I am Poem’

I am kind and unique
I wonder what my future will be like
I hear a beautiful angel humming sweetly
I see the Eiffel Tower glowing in the night
I want to live an exciting life
I am kind and unique

I pretend I feel no pain
I feel sprinkles of hope in the air
I touch the stars in the night sky
I worry about my Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
I cry about the death of my very close bunny
I am kind and unique

I understand sympathy
I say be kind to one another
I dream about reaching out to people
I try to stand out
I hope I can have my normal life back
I am kind and unique

My Pain
A ‘Ballad Poem’

The nights are so cold,
My body feeling old,
I need to be safe,
So I go to my room,
As I assume,
That I am doomed.

People ask questions,
And give me suggestions,
But will never know what to do,
When I bite my lip,
And tighten my grip,
People wonder why.

I miss running around,
And jumping on the ground,
With nothing left to do but wait,
I have to work hard no matter the pain,
But there are always things I get to gain,
So my life is okay.

With things to do,
While I am one of the few,
Nothing can stop me now,
My mind is kept busy,
Which sometimes makes me dizzy,
But I just need to make things happen.breathe-in-experience-breathe-out-poetry-quote-1


The Power of Words




I would like for everyone that is reading this post to think about words, because that is what my post is about. Words can come from lots of things. Books, magazines, people, and especially yourself. Let me share 4 important things that I have learnt about words this week…

As most of you know, another blogger put one of my posts on her blog and Facebook page. Her name is Christine from Project Light to Life.  It meant a lot to me that she shared my words and projects with the world. All the comments, likes and follows that I get from different bloggers makes me feel so happy, strong, proud and inspired. Every time I read a new comment it brings a smile to my face! I see the world as an adventure waiting to be found and reading all your comments connects me, in a small way, to all your countries.  Your words make me even more interested in exploring the world. I just want to add in that I am very proud to be part of the WordPress community. 🙂

I think a big thing that everybody should do is speak nicely to yourself. If you say mean things to yourself you will not have a positive mind and attitude. Also what I like to say is, you can choose to be your own best friend, or be your own worst enemy. I speak lots about quotes in my blog, so if you can’t think of anything positive, it can’t hurt to borrow from someone else. 🙂 Saying kind things to yourself can make you feel stronger, braver and a whole lot more confident.

Books have HEAPS of words! I am reading one with my mum, and once we finish it I have a brand new book that I would like to read too. For me, reading something interesting takes me to another world, on another adventure, where I can escape the pain. Now, please take MY words and repeat them in your head…
You can never have too many books!

A few days ago I heard some sad news about Robin Williams who was a comedian\actor that I enjoyed watching.  He was a big hit all around the world. He starred in lots of movies, and he would always bring a great big smile to my face! Sadly, he was facing depression, and passed away. He is going to a calm and peaceful place now. We can learn from what happened to him. When you are feeling a bit sad or overwhelmed by life, you should think about talking it out with family, friends, or even a therapist. I want everybody to know that it is ok to ask for time to talk and ask for help. It is also fine to be less strong and a bit more weak at points. You actually feel a whole lot better the next day because you clear out your mind of upsetting thoughts. Trust me, I know,  as recently I had a big cry out because I have had a bad, painful CRPS flare up. So it is ok to ask people for help, and using your words makes it much easier. Remember, when you speak nicely to a stranger or a friend, you never know, but you could be making a big difference to a sad day. Also, I believe that bad times always pass to make space for good ones

So that is everything I have learnt this week. Think about this… What are the three most important words you have heard or read this week?
In everything I listed off today, there was something to do with words. What would we do without words in life?!
Thank you for reading MY words,
FZ out!! 🙂